The Adriatic? Puhhlease!!!! Croatia Faces Hard False Choice!!!!!

Good heavens the lunatics are everywhere! 


The picture above is, of course, a faked picture.  Oil rigs don’t hang out near a beach. If the oil were that close, the drillers would “horizontal” drill from dry land.

This brings me to this idiotic AP article ……

Croatian dilemma: Oil in the Adriatic, or tourism

MEDULIN, Croatia (AP) — Peter Fries has been coming to Croatia for years after falling in love with its pristine coastline, fresh seafood, mellow wine and friendly hosts.

With Croatia announcing it will allow oil drilling in the Adriatic sea, the 60-year-old German businessman is having second thoughts about his loyalty to this Mediterranean tourist haven known for glorious sunsets over sparkling seas and white pebble beaches shadowed by thick pine forests.

That picture-perfect image, he fears, could soon change with the construction of giant offshore oil rigs on the horizon.

“This is a high-risk problem,” Fries said in a warm breeze that stirred the sea’s mirrored surface. “No one wants to swim or dive in a sea with pipelines, oil platforms and tankers.”

Despite surging opposition to pumping crude in the waters of one of Europe’s fastest-growing summer travel destinations, the Croatian government is determined to boost the state’s poor finances by offering several exploration licenses to foreign energy companies.

The decision has deeply split the European Union’s newest member state of some 4.3 million, a country still scarred by the 1990s Balkans wars and where the untouched beauty of the Adriatic is a matter of national pride.

Opponents warn that besides damaging the spectacular scenery, offshore drilling represents a grave environmental hazard, raising the risk of oil spills that could wreck tourism — the country’s main source of income.

Supporters say pumping oil could bring billions of dollars to Croatia’s troubled economy, which has been in recession for years. They add that drilling could ultimately help Europe reduce its reliance on Russian energy imports.

“This is an existential matter that will bring a better life to Croatian citizens,” Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak told The Associated Press. …….

….. There is little doubt that there are oil and gas reserves in the area. In neighboring Italy, dozens of offshore platforms currently operate, some syphoning crude. There are also 18 rigs on the Croatian side of the Adriatic that extract only gas, which is considered a much smaller environmental risk than oil.

There’s so much idiocy to all of this ….  There are already oil rigs in the Adriatic.  Did Italy’s tourism die?  No?  Well, it prolly will for Croatia, amirite? 

Tourism, the country’s main source of income ……. has left them in a perpetual state of recession.  Prolly time to try something different, no? 

Lastly, I’ve been to the Adriatic ….. pristine isn’t the word I’d use for it.  When I visited it, it was a fairly rough sea compared to the other side of Italy.  Perhaps things have changed.  But, even then, the beaches were rocky, not sandy.  The article describes them as “pebbles” ….

Look, drill your own energy, or import it and squander your wealth.   

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10 Responses to The Adriatic? Puhhlease!!!! Croatia Faces Hard False Choice!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    drill baby drill

  2. Latitude says:

    There’s just no pleasing these people…
    They want their own laws and rules, their own culture, their own little mini-country…
    …and now they are complaining because there’s not enough police protection

  3. DirkH says:

    “Lastly, I’ve been to the Adriatic ….. pristine isn’t the word I’d use for it. When I visited it, it was a fairly rough sea compared to the other side of Italy. ”

    Well I’ve been to both coasts of Italy (and the Yugoslav adria coast) and to the Atlantic in Portugal. Adria is the most polluted. Not THAT much of a hassle but there’s the occasional plastic bag. West coast of Italy is cleaner; especially
    and Corsica. Uh, I’ve been there as well. and Sicily!
    But, PRISTINE, that’s the atlantic in Portugal.

  4. leftinflagstaff says:

    I need to patent a huge billboard image of ocean meeting sky at the horizon, to be mounted on rigs, facing the beach.

  5. Me says:

    Yeah, James I’ve been there, and the shore line is mostly jagged limestone, it’ll chop the feet off of ya if you don’t wear anything on your feet. Do bring sandels or deck shoes or flip flops. The only place I saw sand was on the Island of Brac. Two things you travel there on a high speed boat hydrofoil, and there is a nude beach there with the regular beach mostly topless. Ok the third thing don’t go to the nude beach. Or go and see for yourself.

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