Remember When More Atmospheric CO2 Was Suppose To Cause More And Worse Forest Fires?

I always thought this notion was most exemplary of the climate lunatics and their stupidity.  You see, it’s easy to make a claim without having to worry about the actual cause and effect. 

The thing which causes, sets the table, for more forest fires?  Nature.  It is true, humans can start them, and they do start them with a regularity.  Mostly because there are many people on this earth as stupid as climate alarmists.  But, it is nature which sets the table and makes it an eventuality.  Periodic wild fires are good for the land …. not so good for the people and critters in them. 

People can lower the frequency and severity of wild fires, but, that prevention has nothing, not a damned thing, to do with coal plants or driving SUVs, or atmospheric CO2 levels.  It’s insipidly stupid to believe such a notion.  Even if one has the faith that atmospheric CO2 causes the globe to warm, that a warming world would cause more wild fires is still insipidly stupid.  Our planet is mostly water.  A warmer world would be a wetter world, both on the ground, and in the air.  It would be a more humid, not more arid, world.

Now then, we are told that this century has seen the hottingest years the world has ever seen!!!  And, the lunatics claim pretty much the same for the US, as well.  So, how has this idiotic notion about warming causing more and worse wildfires turned out for the lunatics?


It’s a like the lunatics are holding two separate, incompatible beliefs at the same time. 

Acreage is the left axis, count of wildfires is the right axis.  Source.

Anyone still believing the climate nonsense has not only ignored actual science, but, real world data for more than a decade.  The data is there, all one has to do is go look for it.  All of their religious beliefs are contradicted by data and actual science.

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12 Responses to Remember When More Atmospheric CO2 Was Suppose To Cause More And Worse Forest Fires?

  1. Jim Masterson says:

    It’s a like the lunatics are holding two separate, incompatible beliefs at the same time.

    It’s shades of George Orwell and “1984.” The Newspeak word: “Doublethink” covers their nonsense thought processes.


  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    The biggest problem in Flag is that our houses are where it’s supposed to burn. There’s too many Ponderosas.

  3. Latitude says:

    I think they are all just riding the wave…
    Like global warming….they figured temps would go up for a few years, it’s a safe bet… call it global warming
    Sea levels had been increasing for centuries….global warming
    Forrest fires were increasing…mostly because environuts wouldn’t allow burning…so it was a safe bet to say global warming was increasing forest fires

  4. gator69 says:

    Well, since the evil white men stopped the native American forest fire campaigns, we should expect fewer forest foires.

  5. DirkH says:

    You too can help save the world from Global Warming by buying this ultra expensive junk ice cream from two people called Ben and Jerry.

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