Feel Good Story Of The Day!!!! Would Be Victim Pulls Gun On Would Be Carjacker!!!



When Hashim Fannin pulled into an Atlanta, Georgia Family Dollar an alleged carjacker climbed into his passenger seat and said, “You know what this is?” Fannin responded by pulling his gun, ordering the man out of the car and onto the ground, then asking, “So you woke up stupid this morning?”

According to WSB-TV, Fannin had just pulled into a parking spot and his car doors had automatically unlocked when 61-year-old Edgar Horn allegedly opened the passenger door and climbed into the car. Fannin responded by drawing his gun and ordering Horn out.

He then held Horn at gunpoint until police arrived.

While waiting on police, Horn asked Fannin to just let him go. Fannin said, “I told him no, there’s no leaving, leaving was before you hopped into my car.”

In a cell phone video posted by WSB-TV, Fannin can be seen with his gun drawn, saying, “Just stay there and wait for the police, it’s that simple. What you doing getting in my car, you trying to rob me? You thought you were just going to take my [expletive]?”

When Horn responded that he wasn’t trying to rob anyone, Fannin asked, “So you woke up stupid this morning?”

Folks, that’s what it’s all about!!!  That’s how you do the hokey pokey!!!!

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12 Responses to Feel Good Story Of The Day!!!! Would Be Victim Pulls Gun On Would Be Carjacker!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    he said he thought Fannin was a friend of his…..So you woke up stupid

    I thought it was hysterical….Fannin is a class act, and funny too!

  2. DirkH says:

    “Fannin had just pulled into a parking spot and his car doors had automatically unlocked”

    …one automatic one should disable…

    • gator69 says:

      Another thing you should disable is your dome light, as it only kills night vision and illuminates victims.

  3. Me says:

    Ya know, until about when I was posted to a certain place in Ontario, I was the only one to welcome a black soldier into our unit. To me he was no different than anyone else. But as time passed by, I felt like I was being treated by him as a racist, I had the same done to me by a self proclaimed gay woman who did the harrassment thing worse and took advantage of it before that. And before all that, there was a fundamentalist baptist.

    • Me says:

      So the bottomline of the story is, don’t trust anyone, even Me.

      • Me says:

        I’ve tried, but religion supperseeds that here no matter, apparently you need satan for the some reason for you belief in God. Apparently God is not strong enough to put satan out of his missery and allow us all peace.
        And at Tony’s site but he has as another agenda, apparently, you can’t say phuck PETA there or it is lately how you can defend yourself from a dog attack. Because he likes to let his little dogs run lose. or he is a PETA member and only gives a shit about himself. One time I asked him about what kind or tires he used on his bike, because he to ride in the winter? Apparently the skinniest ones he can find was his answer. I asked what abourt black ice? He said they don’t get that!
        But not months ago what happened to him? Apparently he broke his ribs riding his bike, What a shock! Say is wasn’t so???? Later he complained about being censored at twitter and went on aod on about it, yet he censored Me yet again because either Phuck PETA or Me telling you how to defend yourself with extreem prejudice aginst a dog attack. Watts Up WithThat?
        And speaking of that, I once told what I experienced at a northern site at WUWT and got ridiculed for it as my testamoney? And then later got banned tor their moderator because I don’t want to use my real e-addy, yet one ot their writters there conseffed to giving dope away while he was hichiking????????? I wonder what morals people justify their living du-jour? Seriously? Or maybe this should be added to your Open Thread And Tips!!!! above??????

        • Me says:

          Yeah I made alot of spelling errors, along with everything else, but it is what it is.

  4. Me says:

    And Gator I didn’t mean to harp on you so much, I like you man, I like James too. It may not seem like it, but listen sometimes. I tried to feed you info and you basicly said FU to Me.
    At least james here doesn’t censor. And for that I respect him, but being friends seems not to be his forte, especially during X-mas. Meaning last X-mas, but that is up to him, and up to you, and don’t speak out of your liberal ass if you don’t want to be called out on it later. other than that! BRAVO ZULU! 😉

  5. Me says:

    Ya know this may be old but it says alot.

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