Drama Queens! Greece At It Again!!!

Greece says it needs bailout deal by end of May


Well, it’s only the 18th, so there’s plenty of time, and plenty of more drama to be had.  This is such a broken record, I’m not going to bother reading the link.  It’s the same crap, over and over, again.

At the last minute, the Euro-nuts will agree to give Greece some more money.  Greece will agree to make cuts in spending, without ever actually instituting any meaningful reforms. 

A few months from now, Greece will whine about having to pay back a small portion of the money they just borrowed, and then, the creditors will cry about repayment, then, Greece will be on the verge of bankruptcy, and at the last minute, the Euro-nuts will give Greece more money to continue doing what they’re doing, today. 

I think, over time, even the Euro-nuts will lose patience.  Or, perhaps, Greece will quit it because it won’t generate near the drama it used to. 

It really isn’t that difficult of a question ….. either embrace the Euro and come in compliance with the rules of being in the Euro, or, don’t.  Most of the world expects them to default on the loans, anyway, and, as they continue to borrow, eventually, they’ll have to default.  It isn’t like Greece is suddenly going to become some little economic powerhouse, they haven’t been since before the time of Christ! 

Or, maybe, they’ll just float Greece in perpetuity.

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2 Responses to Drama Queens! Greece At It Again!!!

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Tsipras has succeeded in splitting the EU position somewhat. Juncker was saying the other day that maybeee we could let Greece not do everything on the list. Then he was thumped by Schauble’s elbow and he back tracked.

    Now today Merkel is saying maybeee to. The problem for her is the cosying up of Greece with Russia has gotten her worried, just as three Baltic states asked for permanent NATO garrisons on the ground.

    But Merkel’s MP’s are fed up and she’s not getting them on side:

    Merkel Faces German Parliament “Revolt” On Greece

    The other joker (or perhaps the next nearest one since we’re overrun with jokers at the moment) is that Ukraine is about to default just as they are also increasing military spending (having just captured another two “little green men” in Donetsk region – I don’t like their chances either, as Ukraine is ropable about Russia putting their lady jet pilot on trial).

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