I’m So Old I Remember When Ozone Cooled The Planet And GHG’s Warmed It …… Now It Causes More Sea Ice!!!!!

Good grief, can these lunatics get more absurd? 

Remember back in the day when ozone depletion was going to force us to wear space suits in the sun to avoid burning?  And, remember back in, like, yesterday, that GHG’s was suppose to cause the earth to hot up? 


Well, here’s a funny article from the Guardian!!!!  My bold!!!

Antarctica’s increasing sea ice restricting access to research stations

Sea ice around Antarctica is currently at record levels for May, part of a trend of increasing ice around the frozen continent making it harder to resupply and refuel research stations.

More than 50 scientists are gathering in Hobart in Tasmania this week for a series of workshops on techniques to more accurately forecast sea ice levels in the polar region, aiming to save millions of dollars in shipping costs.

They will also hope to avoid a repeat of the problems suffered by the Akademik Shokalskiy, the research vessel caught in a sudden freeze in December 2013.

Rod Wooding, from the Australian Antarctic Division, said last year ships “couldn’t get anywhere near” the Australian research site, Mawson station, requiring a year’s worth of supplies and fuel to be flown in by helicopter.

“[That] is inadequate for the long-term sustainability of the station,” Wooding said. “Other national programs have had similar problems, the French in particular, the Japanese also.”

Scientists were initially puzzled by the increasing sea ice around the continent, which reached record levels in September 2014, but have concluded it is “very largely driven by changes in wind”, Tony Worby, the chief executive of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre said.

“Those changes of wind are driven by the depletion of ozone in the stratosphere and the increasing greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.” ……

So, what they’re now saying is that ozone depletion, and increases of GHGs cause more sea ice …….  😐  Got that?


And, there are still people out there who fervently believe these morons!!!

h/t Townhall

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8 Responses to I’m So Old I Remember When Ozone Cooled The Planet And GHG’s Warmed It …… Now It Causes More Sea Ice!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    I honestly can’t believe we’re still talking about global warming…
    ….if it were anything else the joke would be over

    and in other news of the flat out wierd


  2. Lars P. says:

    because we have now less ozone then evah?…. was not the ozone layer healing story to hear not long ago?

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