British Leftards Go Apocalyptic Over Election Results!


So, what do you do when your country elects people you don’t like?  Well, riot, of course!!!!


So, this is what happens when a bunch of fascists lose an election.

One of their pretend bitches is a complaint about the “First-past-the-post voting”.  For those unfamiliar with the terminology, it’s simply the person with the most votes, wins.  One pretty much has to do it this way when you have several parties running for the same position.  I suppose they could go with a run-off where you have the election and then have to top two or three candidates run again, leaving out bottom tier losers.  

It’s odd that the lunatics are crying about this, because if any party has a legit complaint about it, it would be UKIP.  They had a pretty good showing in the votes, but, only get to seat on representative. 

It’s weird, I don’t seem to recall them complaining about the system when they won a few years ago.  Here are the results, with the votes, percentages, and the seats won and the percentage of the seats in the House.


Party Leader Votes Seats

Conservative Party  David Cameron 11,334,920 (36.8%) 331 (50.9%)
331 / 650
Labour Party  Ed Miliband  9,344,328 (30.4%) 232 (35.7%)
232 / 650
UK Independence Party  Nigel Farage  3,881,129 (12.6%) 1 (0.2%)
1 / 650
Liberal Democrats  Nick Clegg  2,415,888 (7.9%) 8 (1.2%)
8 / 650
Scottish National Party  Nicola Sturgeon  1,454,436 (4.7%) 56 (8.6%)
56 / 650
Green Party  Natalie Bennett  1,154,562 (3.8%) 1 (0.2%)
1 / 650
Democratic Unionist Party  Peter Robinson  184,260 (0.6%) 8 (1.2%)
8 / 650
Plaid Cymru  Leanne Wood  181,694(0.6%) 3 (0.5%)
3 / 650
Sinn Féin  Gerry Adams  176,232 (0.6%) 4 (0.6%)
4 / 650
Ulster Unionist Party  Mike Nesbitt  114,935 (0.4%) 2 (0.3%)
2 / 650
Social Democratic & Labour  Party  Alasdair McDonnell  99,809 (0.3%) 3 (0.5%)
3 / 650
Others N/A 349,487 (1.1%) 1 (0.2%)
1 / 650


Apparently in the riots, they defaced some national monuments and whatnot.  I’d post the pics, but, the language isn’t appropriate.  Go to the first link in the post if you want to see more juvenile, undemocratic, behavior.  These people never matured beyond toilet training. 

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21 Responses to British Leftards Go Apocalyptic Over Election Results!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    Ah, Liberalism. Complete dedication to the god of Immaturity. 5 yr olds, but can do more damage.

    • gator69 says:

      Progressives. And yes, they do act like children. I remember when I was a child and thought my parents were the “party of no”. Then I learned that somebody has to make the unpopular but necessary decisions, and then I became an adult.

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        Yep. Something they flat out reject. About every concept they embrace is based on rejection of responsibility.

  2. philjourdan says:

    Actually, the problem is the Scottish side. The conservative side got 49.6% of the vote and 51.1% if the seats (that happens even in 2 party races). Liberals got 43.6% of the vote and 39.2% of the seats. The big winners was the Scot national party that got only 4.7% of the vote, but 8.6% of the seats. They are the ones that robbed the idiot liberals. (almost to the exact number).

    But then when you think 2+2=5, math is not your strong point.

    • philjourdan says:

      BTW – Good to see Gator and LIF. Sorry I have been absent. With any luck, my first day off since early February will be tomorrow (I only worked 5 hours today). We have gone from a staff of 5 to 1. And during that time, moved an entire data center (servicing the world and 250k students and staff) and the HQ (last ones moved in last week). SO yes, I have not had a day off in almost 3 months. I wish I had had the time to at least read the stuff as there have been some juicy domestic stuff as well (I hope ISIS future endeavors are all in Texas).

      Missed the postings and the comments. I am not back yet. I have to take care of my sister’s computer (which normally would not be a big deal, but then normally I only work 5 days a week).

      p.s. Brocade sucks! Cisco may cost more, but then it works as advertised.

      • Latitude says:

        well, there you are! There’s a universal saying that covers everything………..”why not?”

        Let’s be fair, can you imagine the destruction if the conservatives had lost?

        ….ok, well no

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        Hi Phil!

        • philjourdan says:

          Hey LIF! Keeping James straight? Right now, Flagstaff seems like a great place to be! Actually anywhere but where I am seems better! 😉

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Well, Winter came back for visit last night. Couple inches on the ground this morn, in my area at least. Melting fast though.

          Good to see ya back!

        • philjourdan says:

          We are getting the crap from Ana (Clouds, humidity, no rain), so snow sounds good!

      • gator69 says:

        Hey Phil! Good to see you again as well. I have actually had some spare time lately, as I am in between projects, so to speak. I was working on a prototype facility that is now in political limbo, and now I’m looking to maybe change industries again. Hopefully this is the last time, as my resume does not need any more breadth or depth, and I have been looking forward to making less and yet doing more.

        Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers. 😉

      • suyts says:

        I wondered where you got off to! Nice to hear from you, Phil! I understand the work thing, in that over that same stretch, I’ve had to work some insane amount ….. though I only went a month w/o a day off. Things have eased somewhat for me. I hope they will for you soon! I’m not a big fan of Cisco, either, but, it does work.

  3. DirkH says:

    Showing your strength on the streets AFTER the elction is kinda stupid timing. The photo of the kid captures it just perfectly.

  4. DirkH says:

    Obama admin walking around, shutting down businesses they don’t like – pawn shops, gun dealers, precious metals dealers. Operation Choke Point.
    See also Martin Armstrong’s theory of confidence cycles, hint, they’re at the lows and falling further. Armstrong’s outta jail and new interviews on youtube are around.

    • DirkH says:

      You tube link points to Maloney’s playlist, I wanted this specific video, hope this works better:

      • gator69 says:

        The CFPB is what ended my career with a major bank. In one day I watched an entire department walked out by security guards, people who had been with the bank for decades, good people. Then for the next two years I watched as positions in my department were eliminated, and replaced by auditors. New regulations were coming in daily, literally every day. It got to the point where the bank was more concerned with following rules than making money, again literally.

        I held on to the bitter end as I had wonderful benefits, and had for years been able to make a good living while actually helping my customers. In the end, most of my good people left for other careers because it had become a stressful and unrewarding job. Half those who were left were on anti-depressants and you could hear women sobbing at their desks.

        The CFPB undoubtedly remains the single most powerful and least accountable Federal agency in all of Washington.

        When it comes to the credit cards, auto loans and mortgages of hardworking taxpayers the CFPB has unbridled, discretionary power not only to make those less available and more expensive, but to absolutely take them away.

        Consequently, Americans are losing both their financial independence and the protection of the rule of law. The bureau is fundamentally unaccountable to the president since the director can only be removed for cause. Fundamentally unaccountable to Congress because the bureau’s funding is not subject to appropriations. Fundamentally unaccountable to the courts because Dodd-Frank requires courts to grant the CFPB deference regarding its interpretation of Federal consumer financial law. Thus, the bureau regrettably remains unaccountable to the American people.

        My nearest neighbor lost his home thanks to the CFPB, a home he had built for his retirement. Two weeks ago one of the local lawn guys was telling me his cousin lost his pickup truck, and upon questioning him about the circumstances, it became apparent he had lost it the same way my neighbor lost his home. Dodd-frank created this mess, and it needs to be repealed.

        “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”
        -CS Lewis

        • DirkH says:

          Thanks for your story. Frightening.

        • gator69 says:

          That is only the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t tell you about a friend who is a contractor, who told me two years ago that he could no longer get loans for his customers with less than perfect credit. For decades when he would bid a job, and his potential customer would run into financing issues, he knew banks that would be able to accomodate them. That came to a grinding halt after Dodd-frank. No only could homeowners no longer get the money they needed for repairs and upgrades, he lost business as well.

          And people wonder why our economy is stalled. By Keynesian standards, we are in a deresiion.

          By the way, we’re in a depression. This is not a recovery. This is a depression. As Keynes defined it, he said, a prolonged period of below-trend growth, which neither collapses nor gets back to trend. That’s the period we’re in right now. Could be heading for a collapse for other reasons… And I agree with that definition. People say I say we’re in a depression. People go, you’re nuts. GDP is not going down. We’ve been recovering for six years. Where are the soup lines? Well, the soup lines are Whole Foods. Because now you get food stamps on a digital card. By the way, I’m not disparaging people. You can go into Whole Foods and get your soups. So we have the soup lines. They’re just at Whole Foods. We all know the only reason why unemployment is not higher is because labor participations collapsed. The point is, this 2 percent growth that we’re chugging along. In some quarters, a little more. In some quarters, a little bit less. If we’re capable of three and a half, which we are, and in the short-run, maybe 5 percent, which we saw between ’83 and ’86, if we’re capable of that and you’re actually growing at two, it’s the gap between the three and two. Or the five and the two that’s depressed growth. That’s the definition of a depression. The problem is, we are Japan. We’ll be in this for 20 years, unless we make structural changes. A depression is structural. It’s not cyclical. You can’t solve a cyclical problem with a cyclical solution, which is money. Money printing, if you know, inflation is a little high and you want to dial down the money supply. Or unemployment is high, dial it up. That’s a cyclical solution. We need structural solutions. We’re not getting them.
          -James Rickards, 5/01/15

          His bio is here…

          Rickards has been an advisor to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He has been key in currency “war gaming”, and we should listen to what he has to say.

        • DirkH says:

          I know Rickards.
          His idea is that the IMF’s SDR’s will become the new reserve currency. But I don’t think so. China and Russia are just building up the BRICS development fund as an alternative to the IMF so I can’t see the IMF doing anything more but harrassing Greece a little longer. And giving Lagarde a livelihood.

          Rickards is of course right with “depression”.

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