Lines Drawn —- Millions Of Americans Cowardly Pacifists Who Would Rather Embrace Safe Servitude Than Freedom! May God Deal With Them Severely.


So, there’s a couple of headlines I’ll share, but, you can find hundreds, if not thousands of examples of this embrace of cowardly pacifism. 

Media Look to Criminalize ‘Hate Speech’ After Geller’s Mohammed Drawing Event


Garland Mayor: ‘Ideology’ of Event, Not Radical Islam, ‘Put My Citizens At Risk’

Nicely done Mayor.  Go to hell, you boot-licking coward.  You took what should have been the proudest moment in the history of Garland and turned it into an affront to America, the US Constitution, and her people.  Go screw yourself. 

As to the rest of the cowards, please, for the love of God, separate yourselves from the rest of us!!!  I want no part of you, and wish you had no part in me.  You have spit on the sacrifices my forefathers made for you. 

No one in this nation has a right “to not be offended”.  Your existence in my nation is proof of this.  Every ounce of my being is offended by your existence.  But, I don’t act as the lunatic murderous intolerant people who tried to kill hundreds of my fellow citizens.  I don’t, because, it’s not what is reasonable nor rational.  It’s incompatible with a free society.  Also, I hold the blueprint for a free society, our US Constitution, in reverence.  It’s our law, and the nation we built was built upon this foundation. 

All of you, Mayor, Cuomo, and the rest of you cowards should get on your knees today, and thank God for the freedoms He gave you through His guidance of our forefathers, and for the protection said guidance has provided you from me.  You certainly don’t deserve to live in this great land.  You’re an affront to this land, and it’s heritage, my heritage.     

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8 Responses to Lines Drawn —- Millions Of Americans Cowardly Pacifists Who Would Rather Embrace Safe Servitude Than Freedom! May God Deal With Them Severely.

  1. leftinflagstaff says:


    These are tidbits future historians will gather in their books as preludes to the 2nd American Civil War.

  2. Latitude says:

    …but then that begs the question

    is honky white trailer trash redneck cracker……hate speech?

  3. Keitho says:

    Well dear old Bill O’Reilly has said much the same, they shouldn’t have provoked Islam or some such.

    Coming soon, don’t talk about their attitude to gays or women and don’t mention the child bride or the desire to exterminate the Jews.

    I am flabbergasted that people wish to submit to Sharia in America. What the hell has happened?

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