Global Warming US Wild Fires Update!!!!!

So, the climate noobs who pretend to be experts in such a matter told us that global warming would cause more forest fires.  Of course, a couple of tenths of degrees one way or the other have very little nothing to do with forest fires.  It is supreme idiocy to believe such a notion.  All one has to do is look south (or north if you’re below the equator) and see if warmer actually does mean more fires.  Well, as far as anyone can tell, empirical evidence says no.  But, after that notion was quelled, the morons doubled down and babbled nearly unintelligible blatherings …… something about Pine Beatles and warmer = drier or something equally stupid.  Any idiot knows warmth = rain.  No warmth, no rain.  It is simply that simple. 

Now, there are very few places which actually track wild fires.  Actually, as far as I can find, there are only two.  The US and Canada.  You’d think the BOM of Australia would have the data on such things, but, I can’t find it.  Strange, no? 

As seen in many posts in the past, Canada’s wild fires are declining in frequency and acreage.  I’ll try to update the readers to Canada’s horrid plight of the dearth of wildfires later this year, but, I thought I’d check in on how the US has been doing of late with all this imaginary global warming causing all of these fires. 

Here’s the “Year-to-Date” data, with the previous 10 years at the same date, 1 May. 


Yep, this imaginary global warming is horrid stuff!!!!  But, only in the minds of absolute and abject lunatics. 

Source for the graph is the NIFC.

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12 Responses to Global Warming US Wild Fires Update!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    first they trick people into believing the LIA ended in 1850..and that was the perfect temperature

  2. Latitude says:

    I’m liking these guys more and more every day………..

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I suspect California especially could do with some rain, speaking of wildfires. They can have ours, since the dams that Tim Flannery said would never fill again are mostly overflowing now, after a drenching the last couple of weeks.

    And the water finally killed my broadband after killing my landline phone the previous week (broadband needs only one wire vs two for the phone…but now the second wire of the pair has made like dead parrot too). So I’m on iffy 3G typing this. I have no idea how long to will take for the phone lines to all be fixed. Rain is nice, usually. Not for anything electronic though.

    • suyts says:

      Sorry about your woes! We’re about to get a bunch more rain, as well. Hopefully, it won’t be as drastic as what you’re going through. Stay dry!!!

  4. Latitude says:

    Global carbon dioxide concentrations surpass 400 parts per million for the first month since measurements began

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