Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Climate Lunatics Given Turds Instead Of Gold!!!!


Well, heck!  It turns out president Zero let his mouth write a check his azz couldn’t cash! 

Remember when the leftards and climate lunatics were high-fiving each other when Zero promised $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund?  Well, double heck!

US, Japan miss UN climate change fund deadline

STOCKHOLM (AP) — A key U.N. climate fund hit a snag Thursday as major donors including the United States and Japan failed to meet a deadline for converting their pledges of climate aid into signed agreements.

Green Climate Fund — intended to become the main international channel of climate finance for developing countries — said it had inked deals for 42 percent of the $10 billion that governments pledged last year. It needs to hit 50 percent to start considering projects for funding — something it hopes to do before a major climate summit in Paris in December.

Executive Director Hela Cheikhrouhou urged governments that haven’t finalized agreements to do so “urgently” so the fund can start allocating money.

“This is a test for governments to deliver on their vision to establish GCF as the primary global investment vehicle on climate finance,” Cheikhrouhou said.

The U.S. pledged $3 billion to the fund while Japan promised $1.5 billion. ……

The GCF was created to help developing countries to limit their greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to unavoidable consequences of climate change, such as rising seas and shifts in rainfall patterns with impacts on agriculture. …….

You see, the emperor doesn’t really have control over our budget.  Now would be a good time for the people who do such things to call their congress critters and say under no circumstances is this to be allocated. 

Weird that two of the brokest nations on the earth has pledged 45% of this global fund for a non-existent problem.  I’m sure the EU has already kicked in their share, even as they rush headlong towards economic ruin. 

As to the idiocy of why the GCF was created ….. nations emitting more GHGs is typically a good thing for the humanity in developing nations.  It means more people are benefitting from modernization.  Things such as refrigeration,  infrastructure improvement, hospitals being built, schools, electrification, transport of goods ….. all of these things cause an increase in GHG emissions.  If someone, or, some entity is limiting the GHG emissions, that’s not “help”, that’s harm to the people of that nation. 

But, then, there is no increase in the rate of sea level rise.  Rainfall patterns have always shifted and cannot be constant because of the dynamics of the earth.  With or without coal plants and SUVs the rainfall patterns will shift.  As to the GHG emissions impact on our agriculture, consider these two graphs …..

Source and commentary on these graphs available here and here, respectively.

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9 Responses to Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Climate Lunatics Given Turds Instead Of Gold!!!!

  1. gator69 says:

    He has a pen and a phone. What gives? No ID?

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    Probably just means they’ll tack on late fees.

  3. Latitude says:

    I honestly can’t believe anyone is still talking about global warming….other than to laugh

    This whole thing started because NOAA was cutting funding to the weather service because they were so corrupt and screwed up the introduction of Doppler radar…..we should be laughing at them….a bunch of high falutin uppity weathermen

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    They just keep on announcing this stuff in the face of what the data is saying.

    Today we had our local Australian Academy of Science come out with a lurid report. They want emissions reduced to zero by 2050. I hope that means they will stop breathing out da ebil CO2.

    The academy’s report is backed by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and finds that infectious diseases will spread more rapidly as temperatures rise, and that there will be food shortages.

    Food shortages! Always food shortages. They are bonkers.

    Admittedly if you’ve lived in a flying saucer as long as the AAS has you too would turn into a little Green man.

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