Comic Relief!!! Climate Change Causes Venezuela To Run Out Of Electricity!!!!

This is beyond funny. 



The Venezuelan government will begin rationing electrical supplies this week in response to high demand triggered by heat. Public employees will only have to work six hours a day until further notice, and police units will be sent to inspect private businesses to ensure they only use their allotted amounts. Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Arreaza blamed the measures on climate change.

El Universal reports that the rationing was described by Arreaza as a “preventive action” to avoid blackouts. The Venezuelan government is responsible for providing electricity in the socialist nation, and concerns that power is running out in the OPEC nation have triggered alarm that power may be next on a list of basic scarcities in Venezuela that include milk, laundry detergent, and vegetable oil.

Minister of Energy Jesse Chacón added that the limited hours on public sector jobs would not apply to necessary arms of the government, such as education, health, security, and garbage collection. Private industries are obligated to use 10% less energy across the board until further notice, without any exceptions mentioned in the original announcement. The new regulation permits government inspection of businesses specifically to monitor energy use, though the government has not specified what punishments await a business that defies the call.

Vice President Arreaza also made a bizarre call for the use of “autogenerated” electricity to reduce demand on the government’s plants. “Both the public sector as well as large [private] consumers should opt for autogeneration,” he said in the statement announcing the new plan. “That is to say, that they use their own equipment and plants to generate electricity, especially in peak hours, and not use the National System.”

The Wall Street Journal suggests that the call for self-generated electricity is an attempt to raise the demand for petroleum in the nation, as the price of that commodity has dropped significantly in the past year in Venezuela and worldwide. “During power shortages in the past, Venezuelans as well as businesses and industry have turned to fossil fuel-burning generators, causing a surge in demand for the country’s cheap gasoline,” the newspaper explains, adding that one American dollar can currently buy more than 500 gallons of gasoline in Venezuela. The government caused alarm in January by publicly considering raising the price of oil, which was at the time $0.002 a gallon. Oil prices in Venezuela dropped from $99 a barrel in June 2015 to $38 a barrel in January.

Arreaza blamed capitalism and climate change for the growing energy crisis. “This is, of course, linked to global warming and the excessive industrialization of capitalism, which never stops, nor has ever stopped, for the effects that it can have on the climate, on society and on Mother Earth,” Mr. Arreaza said in public statements quoted by The Wall Street Journal. …..

Read more at the link.

This is beautiful!  Socialists, while condemning capitalism, encourage capitalists to provide their own electricity because the socialist state cannot.  Which, in itself is very odd because of their enormous oil reserves.  While oil isn’t the best fuel for electric generation, it is certainly used for it in certain places.  (Very few electric plants in the US use oil.)

This is what a rich-in-resources socialist state can do for its people. 

What also is unstated, but, not necessary to state, is that Venezuela depends on capitalism for their money.  The nation is entirely dependent upon oil revenues.  Oil, which is blamed for the imaginary global warming …… more on that in a bit.


h/t Dirk

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4 Responses to Comic Relief!!! Climate Change Causes Venezuela To Run Out Of Electricity!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    so they want Vens to use their heavily subsidized oil to generate electricity…
    …because the government does not have the money to convert over to it

    and global warming destroyed the toilet paper market

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    Let’s see….Venezuelan Power Rationing, Obama’s Daughter’s Asthma. I want a Death Cage Match. Last lunatic standing.

  3. Keitho says:

    It takes a special kind of socialist stupidity to bankrupt a country that has the largest oil reserves in the world. I takes an even greater stupidity to vote for these palookas.

    • DirkH says:

      Selling gasoline to your own populace for 0.00002 US cents a gallon is a good start. Even Saudi lifting costs are some orders of magnitude higher (I just guessed the number of zeros but it should be roughly it)
      Iran does about the same BTW. Though, I think, they take an outrageous 2 cents per liter.

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