Well, A Real Repost!!!! Minimum Wage Notions!!!


To be honest, this wasn’t one of my best posts.  However, it was spot on, and easily understandable.  For some reason, unbeknownst to me, this post received a bit of traffic.  So, why not post it, again?

Now, to be clear, I’ve no idea if the people reading were in objection to the post or agreement, no one left a comment.  It could be that they didn’t like what I had to say.  The top referrer from yesterday was from a link which I’ve never seen before ….  http://www.schoology.com/home 

It is true that I don’t hold true to from of proper English.  So, maybe they were pointing out my errors ….. I fixed a homophone …. so there’s that, but, still, I think the notions were easy to follow and if someone wishes to object and try to poke holes in the thoughts expressed, by all means, come to papa.  That’s the whole point of such posts … statements, no links …. thoughts, they’re meant to provoke a response. …. at any rate, this is what they were so interested in ……

The Stupidity Of Raising The Minimum Wage

If there’s anything which is indicative of leftard stupidity and reality denying, it’s the issue of raising a minimum wage. 

Each time this issue comes up, the leftards pretend this is something new and novel, and that it will …. do something.  What, is never clearly explained. 

Consider the most recent proposal.  Some people want the minimum wage upped to $9.13 in the US, from $7.25.  What, exactly, is that suppose to do?  Fix something?  Here’s a question, will the cost of living go up or down if the wage is raised?  It will absolutely increase.  From the groceries that one buys to the rent one pays, all will, in general go up. 

Another thing which will happen, because of the increase, is that more people will find themselves under the poverty line.  It’s a form of bringing more people to the lowest common denominator. 

If, let’s say, McDonald’s is forced to pay it’s new employees $9.13/hr, will the people making $9/hr get a raise higher than $9.13?  Probably not.  What they’ll get is less of an increase than the people getting a raise from $7.25/hr.  That way, we can have more people making minimum wage, rather than less. 

Here’s a tidbit, since our war on poverty in the 1960s, we’ve raised the minimum wage 16 times.  Other than running our cheap labor off shore, has there been any improvement in the amount of people in poverty?  I mean, have we decreased the amount of people in poverty?  No?  Then, why, after 16 times of doing this, does anyone believe this is a solution to anything? 

No, it won’t be the end of the world, (for most of us), but, it will be a continuation of the constant pressuring of moving jobs off-shore, and making it more difficult for businesses.  It is also inflationary.  No one benefits from this, except for the very few, and the very short term.  And, then, they wind up right where they started to begin with. 

Can someone tell me what is the worth of the service provided by a stock boy?  How much should they get paid?  How much should a cashier get paid?  $9.13/hr?  If $9.13 is good, why not $15/hr?  Why not $40? 

Am I being ridiculous?  No, not really.  In 1991 the minimum wage was $4.25.  What if we had said that the minimum wage should have been $7.25 back then?  Would our poor be any better off, today?  Can anyone make that argument?  Or, what about in 2007?  Our minimum wage just a few short years ago was $5.85.  Our we so much better off today than then?  Is anyone?  I doubt it. 

Can anyone bring a logical argument which demonstrates raising the minimum wage has actually helped a significant block of people or society in general?

That was in Dec. 2013. 

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11 Responses to Well, A Real Repost!!!! Minimum Wage Notions!!!

  1. DirkH says:

    Chicago bridge sounds like Jericho trumpet. A sign? Did it start with Rahm Emanuel’s election?

  2. Latitude says:

    Reminds me of Carter…..he decided that welfare was too low….as soon as they raised it, welfare enrollment went up over 100%

    Liberals never see the consequences of what they do….

  3. DirkH says:

    UK Labour party vows to outlaw fear of Islam if they come to power.

  4. DirkH says:

    Protein company uses leftist 2 minute hate to increase brand recognition by provoking predictable boycot movement, increases sales. Wonderful use of free (as in gratis) useful idiots.

  5. DirkH says:

    As frequently alleged, the biggest Narcomafia of the planet is the CIA. Minutemen catch 2 CIA agents with 1300 pounds of Cocaine.

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