Team Zero’s Foreign Policy Success!!!!! Egypt Tells Them To Pound Mud!


Shocker: Egypt’s Ex-President Is Going To Prison For a Long, Long Time

That’s the boy Zero and team backed, and virtually placed into office.  In spite of all of US taxpayer money Zero and team sent to support this jackass, the people of Egypt ultimately rejected the monolithic totalitarian despotic regime. 

Sadly, Zero’s support of this maniac and his supporters in Egypt led to the slaughter of uncounted innocents, most of them Christians.  It destabilized Egypt, and allowed the radical Muslims to occupy and operate near the Israeli border, which led to, and continues to lead to, the slaughter of more innocents, mostly Jews. 

Now, Egyptians, who once viewed America fairly favorable, must cast a wary eye towards us.  Christians and Jews alike now know the US won’t lift a hand to help them, in spite of the continued atrocities committed against these people of faith. 

In our own land, the US, we see continuous attacks against Christians and their beliefs, at the behest and backing of Zero and team.  We’re even kicking a chaplain out of the U.S. navy for being a chaplain. 

This is what we reap when we elect a radical leftist Muslim to be POTUS. 

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5 Responses to Team Zero’s Foreign Policy Success!!!!! Egypt Tells Them To Pound Mud!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    Really miss the good ol’ peanut-farmer-in-chief days.

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