The Other Woman Wanting To Be Prez …… Almost As Bad As Hillary!


There’s no way in hell anyone should ever vote for this idiot.  She nearly destroyed HP.  And, she doesn’t understand why it was important to protect American tech workers.  The fact that Fiorina, Gates, Jobs, et al didn’t is exactly why the US is starting to lag in innovation. 

I remember it well, but, for a refresher, some excerpts from Wiki, my bold …..

While she was chief executive at HP, the company weathered the collapse of the dot-com bubble, although the stock lost half of its value throughout her tenure.[1] In 2002, the company completed a contentious merger with rival computer company Compaq, which made HP the world’s largest personal computer manufacturer.[2] In 2005, Fiorina was forced to resign as chief executive officer and chair of HP following “differences [with the board of directors] about how to execute HP’s strategy.”[3] She has frequently been ranked as one of the worst tech CEOs of all time.[4][5][6][7]

Fiorina served as an advisor to Republican John McCain‘s 2008 presidential campaign. …..

….Fiorina proposed the acquisition of the technology services arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers for almost $14 billion but withdrew the bid after a lackluster reception from Wall Street. Following the collapse of the dot-com bubble, the PwC consulting arm was acquired by IBM for less than $4 billion.[35] …..

….. Fiorina presented herself as a realist regarding the effects of globalization. She has been a strong proponent, along with other technology executives, of the expansion of the H-1B visa program.[42] In January 2004, at a meeting to “head off rising protectionist sentiment in Congress,” Fiorina said: “There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore. We have to compete for jobs as a nation.”[43][44][45] While Fiorina argued that the only way to “protect U.S. high-tech jobs over the long haul was to become more competitive [in the United States],” her comments prompted “strong reactions” from some technology workers who argued that lower wages outside the United States encouraged the offshoring of American jobs.[46] Fiorina responded against protectionism in an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, writing that while “America is the most innovative country,” it would not remain so if the country were to “run away from the reality of the global economy.”[47]

I don’t believe she’s changed her mind, since she babbled this idiocy.

So, what’s happened to the American tech scene, since Fiorina, Jobs, Gates, et al flooded the US tech industry with millions of low-wage tech workers?  The reality is that we’re lagging in producing quality tech workers.  Why?  Well, that’s easily answered with another question.  Why would anyone pursue a career in tech work, today?  Simply put, it doesn’t pay that well.  One of the problems is that one simply can’t prove themselves to be good tech workers like a welder can. 

Technology constantly changes, so each day is a new challenge, with new thoughts.  Yes, it’s like that for everyone, but, in the technology field, it is literally like that every day.  So, it doesn’t matter how good you were at a particular skill, because that particular skill won’t be used very long.  You wouldn’t believe how good I was at some things which aren’t done, anymore.  What the job requires is the ability to constantly evolve with the technology.  It’s thinking.  So, the field needs a constant influx of bright young minds.  How does one ensure that the US constantly produces bright and capable people in the field?  By keeping the wages up to entice the bright young minds. 

What the tech CEOs did was to look to short-term gains at the expense of America’s future, and America’s people.  Importing millions of low-wage workers only ensures mediocrity (at best) and the stifling of the amount of quality people wishing to pursue a tech field as a career. 

Consider the fast pace advancements made prior to the early to mid 2000s, and then consider the advancements made since.  Does this meet the exponential arc previously established?  Consider Moore’s law …. again from Wiki

“Moore’s law” is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years. The observation is named after Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of the Intel Corporation and Fairchild Semiconductor, whose 1965 paper described a doubling every year in the number of components per integrated circuit.[1][2][3] In 1975, he revised the forecast doubling time to two years.[4][5][6] His prediction has proven to be accurate, in part because the law now is used in the semiconductor industry to guide long-term planning and to set targets for research and development.[7]The capabilities of many digital electronic devices are strongly linked to Moore’s law: quality-adjusted microprocessor prices,[8] memory capacity, sensors and even the number and size of pixels in digital cameras.[9] All of these are improving at roughly exponential rates as well.

What this means is that our abilities, via the tech field, should double ever two years.  Have they?  I currently have an 8-core processor, 16 gigs of RAM, PC waiting to be built.  (The parts are sitting next to me, just pissing me off.  I’m tired, but, I’ll get it built tonight or tomorrow.)  But, what am I going to be able to do with all of this power?  16 gigs of RAM!!!!!  It wasn’t long ago that a 16 gig hard-drive would have been huge!  I’m going to have more computing power than the $10,000 servers I worked on just a few years ago!  But, what am I going to be able to do with all of this power?  Our capabilities through the tech field should be doubling along with the increase in power!  But, what have we to show for it, today?  An I-phone?  Some really cool gaming systems?  I’m presently using “old faithful”.  Yes, I’ve seriously upgraded/modified her.  But, she’s an old E-machine, single processor, and came with XP one.  But, what can I do with the new PC that I can’t with the old one?  Not much.  And, this is the state of the tech field/industry world-wide.  Yes, we still have innovations, but, they’re not coming along with the power, and when they do come, they’re not very meaningful.  Why?  Well, in part, because of people like Gates, Fiorina, and Jobs. 

Fiorina is great at the real and accurate criticism of Hillary.  But, she has simply shown herself to be unqualified to lead this nation and this nation’s people.         

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27 Responses to The Other Woman Wanting To Be Prez …… Almost As Bad As Hillary!

  1. kim2ooo says:

    Shhhhh….. Don’t tell her you aren’t going to vote for her yet.

    Let her damage Hillary for the next 16 months, or so.


  2. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Two Betty Crocker Cookbooks coming up! With a bookmark at chocolate chip cookies.

    What’s heartening is the video only received 600 views or so.

  3. DirkH says:

    “So, what’s happened to the American tech scene, since Fiorina, Jobs, Gates, et al flooded the US tech industry with millions of low-wage tech workers? The reality is that we’re lagging in producing quality tech workers.”

    The tech companies do not understand themselves as American but as global. (Neither are German companies still very German). They will happily use their country of origin as long as that country wants to be used though.

    Look at Apple’s biggest problem: Their overseas money that they can’t bring to the CONUS. They will need to buy a politician who will enact an amnesty just for them. IF they ever want to bring it onshore.

    These are nationless entities and should be treated, well, like enemy agents maybe?

  4. DirkH says:

    Talking about HP, they really have talent hiring CEO’s with crazy ideas. This one wanted to close down HP’s remaining hardware business and turn it into a pure software shop.

    Great job if you can get it.

  5. DirkH says:

    “Our capabilities through the tech field should be doubling along with the increase in power! But, what have we to show for it, today? An I-phone?”

    I recently participated in the development of a multi camera system for upper class limousines. You have one camera on front, rear and each side mirror, and a module containing a Xlilinx chip mixing and mapping the videostreams in real time. Helps when navigating a huge limo in small spaces.

    So, while PC’s and Notebooks currently seem to stagnate, we get very capable realtime systems that are TINY, consume absurdly little energy, and are starting to have an awareness of natural, non-planned environments that will precipitate some really magical solutions. I’m thinking about affordable household robots that are actually useful, the Roomba vacuum doesn’t impress.

    The chip was a ZynQ; it has two 32bit ARM CPUs and 250 DSP slices so you can process huge amounts of data.

    • DirkH says:

      …zee Germans are already making one…

      (ARMAR , Karlsruhe)

    • suyts says:

      Interesting …. And, yeh, eventually people are going to put all of the computing power to great uses. But, a lot of it should have happened by now.

      • DirkH says:

        You would be astonished about the doorhandle I’m currently helping to document.
        It’s the most hitech doorhandle I’ve ever seen. And it’s got a processor. A small one.

      • squid2112 says:

        James, I am in agreement with you. I have been a software engineer for over 30 years. The past decade and a half has seen considerable stagnation in the pace of technology advancement. Sure, we have more gadgets, but it is nothing more than building from the very same technology that has been available for more than a decade. Yeah, someone comes up with some whizbang idea now and then, but again, all built of same technology of a decade ago. We have more apps now, but more is not better. I would contend that the vast majority of our currently used technology has been in place for a good 20 years. My current desktop computer is an 8 core, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, dual processor video (4GB RAM), and other fancy doodads, that I bought about 10 years ago! … Yes, that’s right, it’s a freaking decade old and yet it is every bit as up to date as my relatively recent HP EliteBook Workstation that I use for work. I see NOTHING new between them. One is a decade old, the other 2 years old. No difference…

        As for operating systems, I have seen absolutely nothing new for at least the past 15 years. Nothing seriously innovative for sure. The software that runs on them, not a lot there either. Again, more is not what I consider “new”. I am looking for new ideas and true innovation. Yes, there has been some, but NOTHING like people had been forecasting for the past 40 years. Kurzweil is perhaps one of the more famous for future technology predictions. Looking back at his past decade predictions would suggest that he knows nothing about technological advancement. While he seemly nailed it early in his career, his predictions for today don’t even come close. Yeah, I can talk to my car and tell it to call my wife, but so what? I could talk to computers back in the late 80’s too, and the accuracy today, while a bit better, has not made any jumps to light speed, that is for sure. We are simply finding different ways to arrange the lego blocks, but the lego blocks are still the same as they were a decade ago.

        • squid2112 says:

          In short …. color me not impressed

        • DirkH says:

          I disagree. I use free software that guides me around traffic jams, on a small universal 4 processor system with a big fantastic display that we call a phone (oh and the phone doubles as a Wacom graphics tablet with display), I can talk to it and it understands where I want to go even with the terrible background noise my stone age VW Polo makes, – the displays alone – I remember carrying hulking 19 inch CRT’s around in 1995… The printers… Huge 24 needle printheads, constant paper jams, slightly darkened paper… If you wanted to listen to music while jogging there were companies selling you portable CD players which didn’t work too well given the shocks…

          Automatic driving is just around the corner, basically only a legal matter at this point.

          And the doorhandles….

        • DirkH says:

          As to software, look at this 3D pointcloud renderer in Javascript. HTML5 required, Firefox recommended. This is done with LLVM, Emscrypten and ASM.JS .

          found here

          I tried to find the Citadel demo running on the ASM.JS variant of Halflife engine but couldn’t find it online.

          So that’s very advanced just in time compilation of a cross compilation of C++ code made to run in a browser.
          Of course all Javascript code profits mightily from JIT compilers like the Google V8 JS engine… and JS has scheme (or Lisp) semantic so you won’t find a more powerful semantic. So we can write the most dynamic code and get quite a lot of speed.

        • DirkH says:

          …leftclick and move mouse to rotate.

        • suyts says:

          Right, Dirk …. printers and monitors, but, the laser printers have been around for quite a while now, as have the LCD monitors. Even 3D printing is coming along much slower than capacitance increase. Automatic driving should have been here years ago. Indeed, the proof of concept was shown many, many years ago.

          As Squid said, we’ve more apps, and some of them are golly-gee-whiz, but, most of them were conceived more than a decade ago.

          What I’m saying is that much of these can and could have been invented without the 8 core processors, without the huge amount of RAM, without the vast real estate of our hard drives. Computing capacity has far outpaced innovation. It should not be so. I think the cause of this is because the tech world has been flooded with cheap and mediocre workers with very little vision.

          Of course, I’m not a programmer, I work on the other end, IT, so my perspective would be different than yours.

        • DirkH says:

          “I think the cause of this is because the tech world has been flooded with cheap and mediocre workers with very little vision. ”

          For most companies that’s true. It is also an opportunity.

  6. I. Lou Minotti says:

    In the minimal event Carly Fiorina gets the Republican nomination, here’s a perfect running “mate” for her:

    HeeShee also makes a claim to Christianity in the article, which must mean God was wrong to create Adam and Eve instead of Brucey and Steve.

    • Me says:

      Does it matter? Ya see Lou, I got my say, I told it, you wouldn’t admit to it, does it matter, No, But I got my say. You had someone here calling you paster, I don’t know why, Not my problem. So that’s all I can do, good luck, I don’t need it. I’ll do the same as always. And if needed I’ll fight fire with fire. I told Gator that, I told James that, James told me not to and I did till you. That’s why I accepted your appology first, was because of him. But things changed so even still, I liked James, you was one not to be trusted, I didn’t like you before and I don’t like you now. whether they trust you, not my problem. But the one thing that irks me was why did Steven ban Me after it was you that made the threat? So tell us a story here will ya, or you are not that religeous and rightous of a pastor that someone here claimed you to be????? Because someone here called you Pastor Lou!

      • Me says:

        I said I wouldn’t post there again after trying multiple times, then I knew, but after you started your BS here I said fuck it, I’ll try again, the thing it was moderated at first, and then I posted right after that about yeah moderating while calling others morons, and that was moderated. Then I looked about a week after that and what did tony say, he had both post up and said “moron alert”. It was then I knew I was allowed to post there again. So I still don’t know why you were able to threaten me and continue to be allowed to post there but I was not??? But then again, Not really, so tell us a story? It’ll come out later,it always does. Sotell us a story thar pastor lou?

        • Me says:

          They are all Christians here Pastor Lou, they will forgive you, apparently. I’m the non believer, and you can’t even say it here????

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