The Horrible Effect Climate Change Has On Crop Production Illustrated On Graph!!!!!

Still waiting!!!! 

For years, now, the lunatics have claimed climate change will have a devastating effect on our crop production.  Well, for the last 50+ years, crop production has done nothing, but, exponentially increase.  Here are the top categories of crops. 



There are more categories than just the ones I’ve shown, such as tree nuts and the like.  It makes for a horrid graph to graph them all.  But, without exception, they’ve all increased significantly. 

Now, I understand some people would be skeptical of my “exponential” claim.  Here is all of the categories, totaled.


For those wondering, the growth rate of crop production has exceeded the population growth rate over the last several decades. 

The reason why there are hungry people in this world today is because of the despotic misanthropists hell bent on thwarting human progress.  Today, they take the form of people claiming to be environmentalists, but, I know them as leftards.  

Source for the graphs is FAOSTAT.

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4 Responses to The Horrible Effect Climate Change Has On Crop Production Illustrated On Graph!!!!!

  1. tomwys1 says:

    Looks like more CO2 is needed. Maybe some more exhaled hot air from the AGW crowd???

  2. Lars P. says:

    The interesting and sad part is to have conversations with warmists cultists and see how they deny any effect of CO2.
    A typical case, just google “CO2 plant food” and look what you get on the first line. I did the experiment when WUWT was having the conversation about search machines and the ministry of truth…

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