CNN, Once Again, Demonstrates Their Misanthropy!!!! Thinks You Should Visit Cuba Before Americans Ruin It With Progress!!!!

Unbelievable, but, really so believable!

So, here’s a Tweet from CNN …..

CNN International ✔ @cnni

See Cuba before American investors ruin it:

Here’s what they show on the link ….


Here’s what they write …..

Havana, Cuba (CNN)Cuba is not like other places, or rather, not like anywhere that exists today.

To some outsiders, it looks firmly stuck in the 1950s. Vintage cars roam the streets, the landscape is absent of strip malls and global chains, and the buildings — though crumbling — hark back to a grander time.

It is these throwbacks that lend Havana, the country’s capital, an undeniable charm. A charm that, some worry, is in peril once the U.S. embargo lifts.

“We’re still in 1959, that’s the beauty of the city, and eventually all of this is going to change,” says Hugo Cancio, a Cuban-American entrepreneur and president of Fuego Media Group.

1959, of course, was when Batista was removed from office and the communists started their takeover. 

Ironically, the commies of Cuba came to be because of the perceived American imperialism of Cuba …. which the commies of Cuba is now inviting back. 

Yes, American investors will probably ruin Cuba by giving them various infrastructures, modern communications, jobs, wealth, and horrid things of that nature.  They may even, eventually, bring them modern medicine, vehicles younger than my adult children, and the internets! 

Lat nailed it in one of his comments.  The left view Cuba as some idiotic pristine tribe never touched by other humans or some such idiocy.  But, the “hark back to a grander time” is a direct reference to the time before the lunatic communists took over. 

For the record, the longer I am on this earth, the more I am convinced that one exports liberty and freedom by exporting capitalism.  While many in the US and around the world look at Russia and China with weary and distrustful eyes (and they should), just consider where both of those nations were just 40 years ago.  Nearly 1.5 billion people, while not free, have significantly more liberties and freedoms today.  Why?  Because of capitalism.  People have been shown they have something to gain, they have something to lose, and they can work for the gain!  The entire nation prospers when individuals prosper!  No one can say Russians and Chinese were better off 40 years ago than they are today.  Capitalism allowed them to progress, raise the standard of living for their inhabitants, and the populous has an eye for the future!  Now, Cuba may join them.  But, to improve, people must have certain latitudes …. freedom to pursue their desires.  It’s part of the unstoppable force of human nature!

Of course, this isn’t Obama’s intent, but, he’s a leftard.  He’s too stupid to understand what he’s doing.  He thinks he’s helping fellow leftards.  Did they erect statues of Castro to be knocked over in a few years?


h/t Twitchy

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13 Responses to CNN, Once Again, Demonstrates Their Misanthropy!!!! Thinks You Should Visit Cuba Before Americans Ruin It With Progress!!!!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    Heheh….and without the ‘American Imperialism’ before 1959, they’d still be in 1859.

  2. gator69 says:

    Shame on you James! You have failed to wish eveyone a Happy Tax Day. In honor of our servitude, how about a trip down memory lane with Calvin Coolidge…

    • suyts says:

      I’ve never seen that before! Thanks! Fantastic orated thoughts!

      Yeh, I just don’t have enough time.

      • gator69 says:

        I just posted this at Tony’s site, and thought someone here might find it interesting, considering the sad 150th anniversary we are observing…

        Also of note, this is the day Lincoln passed as a result of Booth’s bullet, and I have a family connection to that ill conceived plot.

        Lewis Powell was one of my ancestors, and it was because of my childhood curiousity about a grandfather I never knew, and a father my father never knew, that we discoverd this dark part of our family’s past. My grandfather passed from injuries sustained from a plane crash 4 months before my father was born. Grandma had packed all her late husbands personal items into old steamer trunks and tucked them away in her attic before dad was old enough to know she had done so. On a visit to dad’s childhood home I asked permission to poke about, as I was bored, and found those trunks. I immedeiately went and asked if it would be OK to explore the contents, and was given a reluctant thumbs up.

        Granddad had been a Navy man, and a pioneering radio operator and designer in his short time on Earth. I found his old flight suits, service revolver, and journals in which he had designed more efficient radios for the Navy, and later Pan Am. Then I found a very old photo of four people hanging from a gallows.

        It wasn’t this photo, but was a much more up close shot that my mother has preserved. To say the least, for a 12 year old boy, it was rather intriguing and quite a mystery. I took it to my father, and it took him nearly 3 days to get his mother to tell him the story of our long lost cousin Lewis Powell. The family refused the body, and it was buried without ceremony, and as far as I know his body is still missing. But his skull was kept…

        For nearly 100 years, the skull of Lewis Thornton Powell rested in an attic storage bin at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. Soon, it may be buried next to the Geneva grave of his mother.

        Eventually his skull was laid to rest by his mother’s grave…

        Powell’s job that fateful night was to assassinate the Secretary of State, Willaim Seward. Seward survived the kinife attack, but bore the scar for the rest of his life.

        Not all our ancestors were heroes. But it is wrong to deny our history, we must own up to it and never forget, lest we repeat the same mistakes.

        • suyts says:

          Fascinating story! And, yes, we should never forget, nor, run from our history.

        • Latitude says:

          gat…that is amazing!!

          I’m so glad you were able to sleuth all of this before is was gone forever…
          You Dad must be on cloud nine!

        • gator69 says:

          Dad is certainly on a cloud somewhere, and I’m sure he has finally met his father, who was a real hero. My grandfather was credited with saving thousands of lives in the early thirties, due to his heroics and radio operator skills, and was awarded a medal for this by FDR (We still have the medal thank God!). I would explain more, but it would give away my family identity.

          That photo could have gone missing, like so many other of my grandfather’s personal items, some of which were priceless, like an entire sheet of these stamps he had saved…

          And there was a serving tray made of butterfly wings, pressed between glass, by a prisoner on Devil’s Island. Granddad was a collector of first flight envelopes, and various oddities that he encountered in his travels, but in her grief grandma threw most of them away. Dad remembers the tray and sheet of stamps, and was more than a little upset when he found out what his mother had done with them.

          The first flight envelpoes survived, and are not terribly valuable today, but that photo and the story behind it are pricelss, as are the memories of my father.

        • kim2ooo says:

          WOW!! I love history. Thank you 🙂

  3. DirkH says:

    “Vintage cars roam the streets,”

    The car bodies are vintage. The innards have mostly been replaced with spare parts from Toyota. Because Cubans are prohibited from importing cars; but they are allowed to import parts.
    So you have a car that looks like an old Cadillac on the outside with the motor of a Corolla inside.

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