Eco-Lunatics Demonstrate Their Misanthropic Anti-Americanism ….. Once Again


Coal producers say Northwest environmentalists blocking Asia-bound exports

Coal-producing states charge Northwestern environmentalists are blocking them from exporting the fuel to hungry overseas nations, costing America jobs and revenue while doing nothing to lessen the use of fossil fuels.

Wyoming, the nation’s top producer of coal at 400 million tons per year, only exports about one percent of that. Officials would like to send as much as 70 million tons to coal-hungry Asian nations, but say opposition from states that control Pacific ports is blocking them from doing business. Cowboy State Gov. Matt Mead believes it is unconstitutional for other states to stop his landlocked state from getting its goods to market.

“It’s challenging a particular commodity and we think that is interference with interstate commerce,” Mead said. …..

Well, it is unconstitutional, but, don’t expect the anti-American federal administration to do anything about it. 

What’s sick and sad is that the psychopathic lunatics know this won’t stop one nation from importing coal.  It is, just that they’re blocking Americans from benefiting. 

From the same story ….

Stopping Wyoming’s coal from passing through Oregon on its way to Asia won’t force the foreign nations to turn out the lights, noted The Oregonian, in an editorial that took the Lands Department to task for a “political” decision.

“Oregonians…should consider the investment, jobs and rural economic development sacrificed in support of a decision that will not decrease Asian coal consumption by a single lump or global warming by even a fraction of a degree,” the liberal-leaning newspaper said.

You see, leftards know this, but, it is simply that they wish to harm Americans. 

More from the same story ….

Although the project survived the environmental review process, the Oregon Department of State Lands denied a permit to build a dock needed for the project, saying it would interfere with a nearby tribal fishery. The department “determined that, while the proposed project has independent utility, it is not consistent with the protection, conservation and best use of the state’s water resources,” said Lands Department spokeswoman Julie Curtis.

Ambre Energy’s proposed coal export terminal at Port of Morrow in Boardman County, Ore. (Ambre Energy)

Gary Neal, general manager of the port, said the area was built for commerce, not fishing.

“This property was set aside for port industrial use,” Neal said. “This is a very limited area that might be sparsely fished. There’s hundreds of miles of shoreline that have good access for fishing.”

Also, we see, they don’t care about what the laws and rules are, their only goal is to harm America, first, other western civilization nations, second. 

What many probably don’t realize is that the main beneficiary of their anti-Americanism is Australia.  They’ve lots of coal in Australia and are happy to sell their coal to Asian nations.  As it is now, they can demand a much higher price for their coal, and, they get it. 

Why will Australia continue to receive great economic benefit for their coal?  Because of places like India … and well the rest of Asia who continually scoff at the eco-lunatics. 


They constantly laugh at the loons.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m happy for Australia.  They’ve lots of coal, and there a billions of people in need of it.  So, they do well with coal.  There’s no reason on God’s green earth as to why Americans can’t also benefit, except, for the fact that there are millions of anti-American scumbags on the leftcoast. 

It’s well past time we removed the misanthropic obstacles to human progress. 

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9 Responses to Eco-Lunatics Demonstrate Their Misanthropic Anti-Americanism ….. Once Again

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    Truck it to Texas and Louisiana. Put more CO2 into the air.And leave the truck running as you run to Denny’s.

  2. Latitude says:

    You probably couldn’t get a truck load of toilet paper through Oregon either…..

    With all the real problems going on…it amazes me that people even listen to those loons

  3. Latitude says:

    FOOL ME ONCE…………

    Obama has finally decided that his Iran deal really sucks…
    ….so he has agreed…… blame it all on Congress

    • kim2ooo says:

      I heard Kerry and Obama did so bad at trying to convince them.

      And the THREAT of veto was issued until the very last hour when they [ Kerry and Obama ] saw the Democrats were amazed at the level of incompetence presented by them, to Congress,….. that Obama caved on the RED LINE threat of veto.

  4. kim2ooo says:

    Oregon might be thinking a bit different soon.

    It’s lost 99% of it’s shipping.

  5. DirkH says:

    After telling whitey that he can’t paint his face black because racism, blacks show whitey that the same rules don’t apply to THEM. And demand all blacks in UK register to vote so UK can become even blacker. Daily Mail loves it, does not find it racist.

    On the other hand, the same system medium finds it very offensive indeed when whites don blackface.

    This is of course the current EU-wide state of decay of journalist scum.

    • suyts says:

      That’s average daily stuff here, in the US. No one dares to don a “black face” today. But, it is always that Blacks are encouraged to vote. I’ve never seen a push to get Whites to vote.

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