Equal Protection And Equal Application Of The Law ….. Judicial Watch Exposes What We Already Knew About The IRS Scandal!!!!


It isn’t just that these jackasses believe they’re above the law ….. they most certainly do, flaunt it, and have protect themselves from it, but, they also believe they can discriminate as to what the law means, depending upon the people they are addressing. 

By now, it’s clear the IRS abused the power and trust of the American people.  They unevenly applied their rules …. rules which were in direct conflict with a Supreme Court ruling …. thus they violated the law even if they would have evenly applied their rules.

It’s also clear the administration had knowledge of and did approve of the IRS’ criminal activity.  One of the questions remaining is to who actually directed this criminal activity. 

But, there is something else which is much too often overlooked.  And, today, there is no cover for them.  It is the establishment Repubs’ complicity in all of this. 

Why isn’t there hell being raised over the fact that Justice is refusing to prosecute Lerner for contempt of Congress?  Who’s running congress, today?  Lerner and the IRS have repeatedly lied to their faces, and continue to do so. 

This Breitbart post puts a timeline in to where it’s incredible to believe the statements of John McCain regarding this scandal.  But, then, we all already knew the likes of McCain, McConnell et al, won’t lift a finger to help their fellow Americans if they felt threatened by their advocacy ….. and they are very afraid of TEA party types. 

What the parties have become, what congress has become, what the government has become is a disgrace to the fundamental principles which founded this nation. 

There are no rights, no freedoms, unless the law equally protects and is equally applied to the citizens.  And, clearly, this applies to our elections.  May all of them rot in hell. 

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7 Responses to Equal Protection And Equal Application Of The Law ….. Judicial Watch Exposes What We Already Knew About The IRS Scandal!!!!

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Thomas Sowell today takes a bigger view of the same thing:

    The New Inquisition

    The current persecution of people who do not agree with the doctrines of the church of the left is disturbing. It reminds strongly of the leftist totalitarianism of East Germany and the USSR.

    • suyts says:

      Sowell has such a brilliant mind!

      But, yes. I try to show the bits and pieces. They must be seen first, before one can come to the conclusions Sowell comes to.

  2. kim2ooo says:

    I heard Marco talk the other day… I got the impression that they are waiting……

    “For what,” you ask?

    Glad you asked! 🙂

    If they keep the IRS scandal active… delaying statute of limitations from running out …before pressing charges……..

    Obama can’t give her a pardon OR run DOJ interference – as she hasn’t been formally charged.

    • cdquarles says:

      Kim that does not sound correct, to me. You have to file charges or a suit to stop the clock on the statutes of limitations. These exist to prevent people from facing civil or criminal penalties with the necessity to defend themselves with stale memories or have exculpatory evidence die on you or get lost or destroyed as time passes between the when the tort or crime allegedly took place and the trial.

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