Your Intellectual Superiors Displaying Their Utter And Unfathomable Ignorance —- Once Again …. And Again ….. And Again ….. Prolly Another Koch Conspiracy!!!!


Just a reminder, these people are fierce defenders of public education. ……


So, yesterday, Lat posted this (which gave me the giggles!) on a thread …..


Funny stuff!  Evil Koch brothers forcing idiots to not to know how to do math!!!  But, I’m not familiar with Kandyce Brothers, so I couldn’t really post this by itself …. that would just be mean to make fun of a typical leftarded idiot. 

However, we all know leftards are really very stupid people.  I don’t say this to be mean, I’m just stating what they’ve demonstrated over and over, again.  Simply put, they’re not very bright.  That said, math is one thing which some pretty bright people don’t seem to be able to grasp very easily (although one would hope supposedly bright people could do simple division). 

It could be, that in support of Kandyce, the rest of the leftards decided to demonstrate their ignorance and stupidity in other fantastically basic subjects, such as geography. 

This Is CNN!!!!!


In a world which doesn’t respond to leftardedness, Tanzania is south of Kenya.  Uganda is actually where CNN is putting Tanzania.  I don’t understand why this is so hard for leftards.  There’s a map of Africa at our fingertips.  But, yeh, that’s Africa ….. a far away continent, so, maybe these people only concern themselves with US geography or some such?

Enter Matt Yglesias, quoting Vox ……


The problem is, that dark sliver in the NE part of the US map isn’t NH, it’s Vermont.  As it turns out, Vox had inaccurately decided the dark sliver was New Hampshire, and poor Matt was too stupid to know the difference.  He’s from the younger generation, apparently, who didn’t have to memorize the US states in their proper geographic location. 

But, while we’re at Twitchy, this next one is a bit tricky.  You see, I’m not sure if Twitchy properly attributed the leftarded stupidity to the proper subject.

Politico had this to Tweet ……..

POLITICO ✔ @politico


It’s been 171 years since a Kentuckian last took a serious run at the White House — so why not Rand Paul?

10:50 AM – 6 Apr 2015

Now, it is probable that Politico was references Henry Clay’s failed attempt for POTUS.  Clay, a Kentuckian, ran in 1844, but, lost.  And, if that’s the case, then Twitchy is spot on, in that Politico doesn’t know that Abe Lincoln was a man from Kentucky.  OTOH, it’s entirely conceivable, to me, that Politico did know that and simply failed at basic math, but that’s just me, being charitable. 

Don’t ever let a leftard talk down to the rest of the people as ignorant or stupid.  They’ve literally provided volumes of easy examples of their unfathomable stupidity.  From babbling stupidity about rocks on an “Earth First” video, to their elected officials concerned about capsizing islands and differentiating between “math” and “mathematics”.  They continue to re-elect and elevate these people!!!  And, even just the stuff above in two short days demonstrates their utter ignorance and stupidity. 

I would proffer this:  If you don’t know math, if you don’t know history, if you don’t know geography, then you really can’t know much. 

Think about it.  If one is ignorant of the aforementioned subjects, then, one is a post turtle.  And, yet, these people believe they know better than you.  They believe you should all them to lead you, to (cough/snort/chuckle) inform you.  Regard them as you would a gnat, but, don’t allow your neighbor to give these lunatics any weight, else, we’ll end up with a world to where it’s heading today.

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13 Responses to Your Intellectual Superiors Displaying Their Utter And Unfathomable Ignorance —- Once Again …. And Again ….. And Again ….. Prolly Another Koch Conspiracy!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    and then there’s a certain Congress woman that can’t even park a car…..

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    I had to chuckle at a vid I saw earlier of a CA Gov. Brown interview pointing out that the ‘rare executive order for water restrictions would extend from the Oregon to the Mexican border.’ He actually had the nerve to even say the word ‘border’. With a straight face. Good stuff.

  3. gator69 says:

    PhDMathematician! 😆

    Well these are the same folks that want us to believe that 2+2=5.

  4. DirkH says:

    Persistent leftism is basically a manifestation of the Dunning-Kruger symptom; they think they are smart but they lack the most basic facts, often because they mistake propaganda for information, and are incapable of identifying the glaring inconsistencies in their worldview. Stage one thinkers, as Thomas Sowell calls them.

  5. k. Brothers says:

    My FB account was hacked and I was in no way, shape or form involved in this post or anything else my hacker chose to do with my acct, while I was locked out of it. I am not involved in any political organization, nor do I live in Chicago, I am not an American citizen or even live in your country. I have no idea what Common Core is, who the Koch Brothers and so-called Liberals are?My good name and character have been maligned, defamed and slander all over the internet and someone had the obscene gull to call me a B#%^#. I am a well-educated woman and have been bullied off my private Twitter account by some very rude and belittling people; who from what I read, are defending some “religious freedom” and are acting anything but Christ like.

    • suyts says:

      Well, K, I’m sorry about your FB account. And, it’s very sad someone called you a B#%^#.

      Oddly, I notice the account pictured and referenced was a Twitter account, and not a FB account. Your American English is very good for someone who doesn’t isn’t an American and doesn’t live here.

      There’s no low the leftards won’t stoop to. Imagine the gall to hack your FB account and then force you to Tweet some inane, math-incompetent, stupidity!

      I’m also very sorry about the wait in moderation. You’re free to comment here. You should like it here, no one will call you a “B#%^#” on my watch!

      • My English is perfect, because I live in Canada, which is one of the many English speaking countries around the world. If you look closely, at what transpired, is my FB acct was hacked and the offending comment was posted on some site on FB. One person; namely a Mr. Chris Loesch took it upon himself to then google my name and start a Twitter bullying campaign against me for something I did not do.(My FB and Twitter accounts previously had the same profile photo), My private Twitter acct was overwhelmed with belittling and downright ignorant messages, which subsequently I have now closed. Moderator you seem like a open minded and fair individual and I appreciate your candor. I am moving on from all of this, however, it is very distressing to know my good name has been slandered all over the internet for something I did not do. Thank you for your time.

    • DirkH says:

      “I have no idea what Common Core is, who the Koch Brothers and so-called Liberals are?”

      You have no idea what Liberals are but you are well-educated, and you are called Kandyce but you’re not American. Also, you know the American meaning of B#%^#.

      That leaves only one possibility: You’re Russian! Kandyce, I’m just around the corner. When can we meet?

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