Open Thread



Thought I’d give some space for people who had something to say.  What’s on your mind?

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12 Responses to Open Thread

  1. Latitude says:

    do I really want to do this?…………..
    All these pizza posts reminded me of a joke….so here goes

    A Greek, Jew, and Italian were walking down the sidewalk….
    when a bus came over the hill, hopped the curb….and took them all out.

    Next thing they know they are standing in front of St. Peter!….

    Oh please, please, we’re not ready to die…please let us go back
    St. Peter thinks for a minute….and says

    Ok, I will let you all go back…but under one condition
    You have to each give up your favorite thing…

    They didn’t even have to think for a minute….agreed!!!

    POOF…..they are all back on the sidewalk, walking along like nothing had happened

    They walk a little more down the street…and walk past a pizza palor

    The Italian starts to shake…he breaks out in a sweat…..
    …He can’t help it!….he runs inside….takes a bite……AND POOF…….he disappears!

    well…….you better believe that got the Greek and Jews attention
    “we better really straighten up”

    They walk a little more…….and a quarter comes rolling out on the sidewalk
    …it rolls around……and around…..and around, and around

    The Jew breaks out in a sweat……..he starts to shake

    The Jew runs ahead…..bends over to pick up the quarter
    and the Greek disappeared

    (phd just went into cardiac arrest)

  2. DirkH says:

    What’s on my mind? Well after all the negativity in what I call “the evil blog” (my name for the Google News frontpages around the world) concerning their attempts to destroy Pizza Parlours in Indiana, and doing similarly pointless things in Europe, so that it even sent Rumplestiltskin Phud into a Meth overconsumption like induced frenzy,…

    …the inevitable happens: Goldman Sachs warns against premature rate hikes – can’t risk that little blossom of a beginning recovery now can we, and Gold surges accordingly…
    (because, when the Vampire Squid talks, Central Bankers listen)
    …get prepared for QE4ever…

  3. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Who would have suspected? My outdoor brethren, who love nothing more than hunting and fishing and hiking to escape the idiots called “progressives,” are having their monies support the idiots! Most outdoorsmen I’ve ever known are the best environmentalists. They’re now being used. This article is going to be given to every fishing buddy and sports shop in my area:

  4. Jim Masterson says:

    Are you planning to reply to my comment Dirk ( Thanks to pH’s usual nonsense, the comments rolled off faster than they normally do.


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