Open Thread ….. Goofy Storms


Well, climate disruption has finally came to Kansas ….. like it has for centuries this time of year.  And, as we can see, it moves to the east.

But, the damned things screw with my internet.  I had intended to post a couple of nice posts, but, it’s impossible at this time.  So, here’s an open thread and I’ll pick up tomorrow. 

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6 Responses to Open Thread ….. Goofy Storms

  1. DirkH says:

    Germany is currently being polar-vortexed, with hailstorms and snow showers. Creates a little bit of traffic chaos and suppresses temperatures a few degrees. So, a very cold and cloudy spring.

    But we got lucky in Winter, at that time the jet stream here was coming from the south and gave us a mostly mild Winter. I got stuck in snowstorms on the Autobahn only once.

  2. DirkH says:

    Homonazis worldwide continue to target bakeries. Now, Ireland. They want all people to bow before Homonazism. New world religion? Rivaling Gaia worship.

    • DirkH says:

      BS. The millenials who won’t need a bank in 5 years, well they live rent free in mom’s basement so what would they need a bank for. EBT is handled by JP Morgan.

    • suyts says:

      Loans still need to be made. Call it what you will. The banking industry will continue to exist as long as there is humanity.

      I’ve got the money, you’ve got the idea. Let me assess the risk. …… Okay, I’ll loan you the money you want for “X”. …… In the meantime, I’ll hold your money for you, and pay you a small stipend, so I can loan other people money with ideas.

      The problem is, they don’t make land, anymore.

  3. Martin C says:

    James, and all your Family,

    HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL ! ! ! ! ! May God Bless you and all those around you ! ! !

    HE LIVES ! ! ! ! ( . . and now think of the “HALLELUJAH CHORUS . ! 🙂 ).

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