Gems 2015 — March 28 Scripture Selection: I Samuel 22-24

Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

March 28 Scripture Selection: I Samuel 22-24

Food for Thought: I Sam. 23:24-29

Under other circumstances, David and his mighty men would have been available to fight the Philistines along with their countrymen. But, because of the irrational vendetta that rose up in the heart of Saul, David was not in a position to do so. This is exactly what strife does. Strife keeps people separated and prevents them from effectively dealing with the real enemy together. It distracts from issues that need attention and weakens the structure of the unit. As we have seen in today’s scripture selection, that comes at a very high cost and greatly affects those around the ones in strife.

James 3:16 warns, “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.” You can bet that wherever there is strife, there is confusion and an array of other problems, and things are not functioning at their highest potential. At the root of it all is pride (Prov. 13:10; 28:25). That is why the Lord teaches us to walk in love (Eph. 5:2) which covers each other’s sins (Prov. 10:12; I Pet. 4:8). (In other words, with God’s love, one is not quick to react to offense, real or imagined, and over-looks them, instead.) This is only possible for people who have given their lives to Christ and have “crucified self” (Gal. 2:20), enabling them to love with the love of the Lord.

A person who stirs up strife is called a fool in the Bible (Prov. 20:3). He/she is a wrathful person who also loves transgression and wants his/her way, regardless of the destruction it may cause (Prov. 17:19; 29:22). However, as believers of Jesus Christ and having His nature, we can be wise and not participate in strife. Romans 12:18 tells us, “If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.” While we cannot control the actions of others, we can control our own and decide to be led by the Spirit and not be drawn into the fight. This will allow us to remain focused on the Lord Who will help us in dealing with the real enemy at hand.

Digging Deeper (What scriptures can further enhance today’s reading?):

Getting Personal (What has God shown you in today’s reading?):

Confession of Faith (Example: Lord, based on Mat. 1:21 and 23, I understand that Jesus is God, and I receive Him as my personal Lord and Savior.):

Important Events on This Day (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.):

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2 Responses to Gems 2015 — March 28 Scripture Selection: I Samuel 22-24

  1. Thank you, I needed that

  2. jsue says:

    You’re very welcome, Alfred. I bet several of us needed that.

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