Europe’s Right Turn?


Well ….. yes, no, maybe. 

So, I’m reading about France’s recent local elections …..

France swings to the right as Europe retrenches

PARIS (AP) — France, long the land of the left, is making a right turn.

The top two parties in weekend local elections were the conservative UMP and the far right National Front. And even the governing Socialists are adopting traditionally right-wing policies: reducing labor protections, expelling immigrants and rounding up trouble-makers.

The election result is the latest sign of a long-running change in attitudes, as many Europeans shift amid economic uncertainty and security fears. That, along with disillusionment with mainstream leaders, is pushing voters in new directions, from Greece to Spain and Britain.

In France, surging support for the National Front has forced mainstream conservatives and leftists to consider ideas that once seemed authoritarian. And a deadly rampage in January by French Islamic extremists is swaying the conversation about security, immigration and integration.

“What seems most striking to me is the bar swinging to the right on the political chess board,” said Frederic Dabi of France’s Ifop polling agency.

That’s in part because of shrinking support for Europe’s open borders and shared currency, which far right groups decry. But Dabi said it’s also because voters from all political backgrounds want to punish the party in charge.

In the voting Sunday for local councils in France, former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s conservative UMP and its allies won 29 percent of votes in first-round balloting. Next came Marine Le Pen’s National Front, with 25 percent. President Francois Hollande’s governing Socialists and their allies trailed with 21.5 percent, according to official results.

That means that in about a quarter of runoff races March 29, voters will have a choice between the right and the hard right. …..

You can read the rest at the link, but, I would offer, also, this closing paragraph ….

In Spain, radical leftists and centrists gained on mainstream parties in elections Sunday. In Britain, concerns about immigration and a loss of sovereignty to the European Union are pushing the political conversation to the right. Upcoming British elections could weigh on the entire continent’s direction.

It’s interesting how “left/right” gets characterized and how it changes.

The article mentions, but, doesn’t really emphasize what’s happening. 

Here’s the cold hard truth.  The leftarded totalitarian, ‘fits all sizes’ type of governance Europe has had over the last couple of decades or so has failed, and failed miserably.  In this consideration, yes, Europe, then, naturally moves a bit to the right of where they are today. 

However, that’s only a part of the story.  It is the clash of cultures which is happening.  It isn’t a question of left/right or conservative vs liberal.  It is the loss of their homelands, their people, their cultures.  The EU was a failed effort to start with for this very reason.  But, coupled with the EU’s embrace of opening their borders to people from even outside Europe quickened the action.  It’s weird, but, even ardent leftist atheists don’t want Islamification.  The question of borders isn’t a left/right question, per se, but, rather a globalist vs nationalist question. 

It is entirely possible for a liberal to love one’s nation, country, people.  Some, though few, even understand the societies and cultures from which the immigrants come are failed societies and cultures.  It’s quite natural to not to wish to import failed societies and cultures.

This isn’t to say people against open borders are anti-immigrant, most are not.  But, it is to say that they, we, I, wish for the immigrants to assimilate into our culture, rather than import their failed culture and society.  I am 100% pro-immigration.  I’m also 100% against having to press 2 to hear my message in English.  Immigration, for any nation which wishes to survive as a nation of a particular people, must be orderly.  And, the immigration must be in the numbers in which the nation can absorb and assimilate the immigrants.  If the numbers of immigrants are too great then no assimilation can be assumed.  It’s that simple.  And, this is much of what we’re seeing when the press alerts us to Europe swinging to the right.     

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7 Responses to Europe’s Right Turn?

  1. Latitude says:

    VERY well said!

  2. DirkH says:

    “It’s weird, but, even ardent leftist atheists don’t want Islamification.”

    Some of them do , in a Cloward-Piven kinda way: If it’s good to create problems for a capitalist society it must be pursued. That’s my impression. The Leftists in Teheran supported Ayatolah Khomeini, they really believed they would then be the secular partner in government with the Ayatollahs, a mistake as they realized when they were hanged from lampposts.

    They are *THAT* stupid.

  3. Lars P. says:

    Heh, beautiful pictures here with Prometeus and the F ring:

    “one you can actually see the dark lanes in the inner F ring crossing over at least two other ring waves that have coiled tightly around Saturn by Keplerian shear. I wish I could live on a space station levitating above the rings to watch these dynamics in their natural slow motion!”

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