Today We Say Goodbye To Andy Fraser

He co-wrote this when he was with the band “Free”.


But, he later turned to song writing, and wrote hits like this one!!!!


I’ve got a couple of posts in mind for today, but, I’ve got stuff to do for now.  BBL!!!!

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11 Responses to Today We Say Goodbye To Andy Fraser

  1. DirkH says:

    Sorry to be completely O/T but this is very important.
    Vox says Gore must run for prez to save the world. From Global warming. Thanks,that’s all.

      • DirkH says:

        Yeah I see, bad photos.
        Here’s better stuff.

        Those are our communists, they curently call themselves Blockupy.

        You see, we have two or 3 yearly massacres, Blockupy in Frankfurt; one 6000 strong get together in Hamburg, and maybe the May 1st civil war in Berlin, where our communists enjoy smashing stuff, trying to kill cops and burning cars.

        Also, they burn cars year-round of anyone they deem a rightwinger if they find out his license plate number, in the middle of the night, of course mostly in Hamburg and Berlin.

        Surprisingly the state is SOOO incapable of doing ANYTHING about it, poor total state that it is.

        The only interesting thing about these events is comparing the understnading our journalists show for the poor desperate leftists smashing everything in sight up, to the played outrage when a few rightwingers on a HOGESA demo against Salafists tip one police car over. (that played for months in the media! the VIOLENCE!)

        So, I hope our media all die very quickly now.

      • DirkH says:

        From the yahoo article
        “”This is not what we in Blockupy had planned,” spokesman Ulrich Wilken told a news conference. ”

        Well, what they DO plan is abolishing capitalism (Oh yes, they say so). Of course they knew exactly that their friends from the Black Bloc would be there, and had pre-planned the quick distanciation from any violence.

        Main organizer behing Blockupy is ATTAC; German trade unions DBG and old socialdemocrat party SPD are members of ATTAC. So I count them all as leftist extremists now. This kind of violence is always happening at the leftist demos, is always downplayed by our media, who are all leftists, etc etc. So if they organize such a demo and do not take active, militant steps to chase the Black Bloc out themselves they are planning for exactly this kind of violence to happen.

        PEGIDA Dresden for instance actively encouraged every participant to act as guard against any Nazi trying to infiltrate PEGIDA, and kick them out expediently, which worked.

        Leftists OTOH are always sympathetic to any Molotow cocktail-thrower as long as its against “the system”.

        Interestingly the Black Bloc itself is state sponsored – they get rent free “autonomous youth centres” straight in the city centres which they use as their get togethers and weapons fabrication lairs.

    • leftinflagstaff says:


      This is one of those moments that you’ll remember forever, exactly where you were and what you were doing.

  2. Latitude says:

    wait a minute here….I thought republicans were surpressing their vote with photo ID’s?………….

    President Barack Obama is floating the idea of making it mandatory to vote in the United States.

  3. rg says:

    Thanks for your occasional music post…. You were looking for some type of stress relief… I get it from some of your “old” music posts…. reminds me why I actually enjoy getting up…. Music does has true healing properties..

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