Starbucks Is Hated Because People Would Rather Bitch Than Talk!!!!!


This is so telling. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought coffee at Starbucks once in my life.  Once.  I can’t imagine ever doing it again, though, this story did make me consider it …. very briefly. 

For those who may not know, Starbucks is a place where pretentious people go to pretend to drink real coffee.  Typically, they’re drinking some sweetened cocoa, instead of real coffee, but, they’re paying a very high premium for the rather bland coffee/cocoa. 

Starbucks decided to try to have people engage in a racial conversation, and started a “#RaceTogether” campaign. 

Starbucks brews controversy with its #RaceTogether campaign

Starbucks is faced an onslaught of criticism for its latest campaign to promote awareness about racial issues.

On Monday, the company published a letter from CEO Howard Schultz explaining the new campaign and made public a video that had been shared internally with the coffee conglomerates’ 200,000 plus employees. In the clip, Schultz urges baristas to further discussions on racial tension across the country by writing #RaceTogether on cups and allowing curious customers to engage in conversations surrounding the hot button issue.

Many people, including twitter users, immediately took issue with the campaign –calling the chain hypocritical for only including hands and faces that appeared to be white in promotional photographs. Some decried the billionaire Schultz for his misguided efforts as a “1%-er” while others said a serious conversation about race doesn’t happen while grabbing a coffee before rushing to work.

Crystal Fleming @alwaystheself


#RaceTogether is what happens when a 1%-er without any actual anti-racist education or training has a mid-life “white man’s burden” crisis.

8:40 AM – 17 Mar 2015


FocusedEfforts @stubbscrew



Hmm this @Starbucks mgr not so keen on the new #RaceTogether campaign. Seen here calling cops on #blackbrunchseattle

12:23 AM – 17 Mar 2015


Pro Welfare State @NewaHailu


Starbucks pays Ethiopian farmers pennies for coffee beans. They turn around and charge $10 for grande latte. #ExploitTogether #RaceTogether

1:31 AM – 17 Mar 2015


April @ReignOfApril


Not sure what @Starbucks was thinking. I don’t have time to explain 400 years of oppression to you & still make my train. #RaceTogether

6:59 AM – 17 Mar 2015

The bitching was so strong the Starbucks vice president of communications Corey duBrowa deleted his Twitter account.  He, later, undeleted the account to face more hate and vile vitriol for Starbucks having the audacity to wish to have a useless conversation about race relations in the US. 

Here’s my conversation about race relations in the US ……..

STFU!!!!!  I’m sick of this stuff!  Quit crying!!!!  No, seriously, quit crying!  I’m sorry about your vaginitis, but, that’s not something I’m going to try to help. Who, exactly, is oppressed, today?  What race?  I’m living in a nation which elected a “Black” president, twice.  There’s a “Black” Supreme Court justice sitting in the only body which is more powerful than the POTUS.  We actually have congressional representatives who will not caucus with the CBC (congressional Black caucus) because of the diversity of each’s advocacy. 

Stop crying, stop whining!  I can’t stand people wallowing in self-pity.  Stop doing that!  Things suck for you?  Well, I’m sorry to hear that.  Especially given all that me and mine did to make things better for you.  Turns out, things suck for me, too!  But, I don’t get Starbucks wanting to have a conversation about why things suck for me, or anything about me ….  maybe I should identify as a race and, then, by golly, I could really, really bitch about stuff.  Then, I could hate on someone wanting to have a conversation about the stuff I was bitching about!!!!

But, that’s only if I were a race of some sort.  But, I’m just me, and all of my privilege!!!!

Things suck for you? ….. Well, things suck for me, too.  I wish things were better for you.  I wish things were better for me.  But, if I were to have a rich business owner demand his workers attempt to have a conversation about why things suck for me, I wouldn’t bitch.  I wouldn’t cry.  What I would probably do, as what I’ve almost always done, would be to tell Starbucks, thank you, very, very, much, but, I can get on, on my own, just fine.  

I’ve needs, but, I’m not needy.  I’ve challenges, but, I’m not challenged beyond my capacity to rise above the challenges. 

And, this is my message to my fellow citizens.  GET OFF YOUR KNEES!!!!!  QUIT CRYING!!!!  QUIT BITCHING!!!!!  Do something.  I mean, something other than crying and bitching.  It’s unbecoming of an American. 

Sure, Starbucks is lame.  And, their campaign is lame.  But, there’s no reason to hate on them!  STOP CRYING!!!!

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15 Responses to Starbucks Is Hated Because People Would Rather Bitch Than Talk!!!!!

  1. I have never bought a SB coffee. My daughter brought me a cup,
    I told her if ever brings another SB, she is out of the ‘Will’. It’s the
    uglyest coffee evah. Now Wawa coffee can’t be beat. Of course
    you guys out west are not lucky enough to have Wawa

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    Shoulda been: #RaceObsessionForever

  3. kim2ooo says:

    “Conservative ESPN host Stephen A. Smith believes that every black person in America should vote Republican for one election.”

    Read more:

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I can add one datapoint to the dataset. We used to have a Starbucks at our local Gledale shopping centre. It closed. There is a different coffee shop now in the same premises, which has been there for some years now and appears to be doing quite well.

    So it doesn’t seem to be coffee that was the issue.

  5. DirkH says:

    “As I have gotten older, I have decided we really need camps for adults. And we need adults camps that you all run. Really. None of the serious stuff. None of the life-challenging stuff… more fun.”
    This of course reminded me of…

    Joy Camp.

  6. DirkH says:

    Starbucks now hands out handy “Find out if you’re a racist by counting your ethnic friends” tests.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      This is what happens when a desperate need to prove you’re not racist actually reveals that you are.

      • DirkH says:

        Whites count negativ, so one whitey enemy is as good as one ethnic friend.

        I passed with flying COLORs because I like Japanese girls. They don’t have to like me back, I’m fine with that.

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