Breaking News!!!!! House Dims Vote To Block DHS Funding!!!!! Townhall Headlines Boenher’s Fail Instead!!!!


So, because of the DHS impasse in Congress, Boenher thought it best to offer a 3 week funding for the DHS, and have the houses work out the differences.  As we can see by the image above, the overwhelming majority of the the Dims in the House voted against it.  How does Townhall, a supposedly conservative news medium present these events?

Boehner’s Gambit Fails

Perhaps that’s an accurate description, perhaps it isn’t.  I’m pretty sure Boenher knew there were be some Repubs voting against the measure. 

But, here’s the brass tacks.  The Dims are blocking any DHS funding which doesn’t include a blank check to fund Zero’s lawless amnesty edict.  This is obvious and irrefutable.  But, if even supposed conservative outlets can’t won’t headline this, then the game is over. 

But, then, there are many supposed “conservatives” who advocate open borders.  We need to separate ourselves from these treacherous bastards.  They are not Americans, they are globalists. 

Many may not know what a globalist advocates.  Essentially, they advocate the end of the concepts and principles which founded the United States.  They abhor boundaries, and, towards that end, they advocate that all people of the world be governed exactly the same, by the same governing body.  They are vile people who need hunted and rooted out of our fabric of society. 

It seems Townhall has one or two in their midst.  

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