I Wonder How Many Of These Students Actively Protested Obamacare?


Cornell students erupt over health care fee

Students at vaunted Cornell University are plenty smart enough to know they should not have to pay a penalty for not buying the school’s health insurance if they already have coverage, but that’s exactly what a new policy at the Ivy League school requires.

The $350 “health fee” for opting out of the school’s insurance plan was announced in a memo school President David Skorton posted on Cornell’s website last week, according to higher education blog The College Fix. But it is just setting in with the student body, and many attending the Ithaca, N.Y., school are not pleased. Under the Affordable Care Act, students must have insurance, but making those already covered pay an extra fee to skip the school’s plan is not sitting well.

“Effective next academic year, 2015-16, we will be introducing a student health fee for those not enrolled in the Cornell Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP),” read the memo. “As a physician, parent and president, I am proud of our university’s long history of providing quality medical, mental health, education and prevention services on campus. These essential services play a critical role in student well-being and, therefore, success. Yet funding these services — and creating access to them for all students — has been a growing fiscal challenge, and a personal concern of mine.”

The announcement sent students into a fervor, leading to a series of rallies on campus and hashtag activism, with #FightTheFee trending on the social media website.

Students who do not opt in to the $2,352 per year plan must pay the $350 fee, which “most likely” won’t be covered by financial aid, according to campus newspaper The Cornell Review. The newspaper also said the university plan is run through Aetna, whose CEO, Mark Bertolini, is a Cornell MBA grad. In addition the fee, students will have to pay a $10 co-pay fee when visiting the school’s health center.

The recent announcements prompted 150 students to storm the school’s main administrative building as well as Skorton’s office. Reports from the review suggest that the president had gotten into several “testy exchanges” with several students regarding their issue with the new policy.

Despite heavy opposition from the student body, it appears that Cornell is doubling down on the new policy. Cornell Vice President for Student and Academic Services Susan Murphy said in her own statement on Wednesday that “the fee is necessary to create a sustainable model for health services while also increasing accessibility and protecting student privacy.

“It is our responsibility to work together, to make sure everyone in our community who needs help gets it. That is a burden, and a benefit, we all share,” She said.

Ahhh …… nothing like socialism at its finest!!!!

Look at those evil rich kids!!!!  They have their own insurance and are upset they have to subsidize people who want to get the college offered insurance!!!

I bet they’re all TEA party types and racist!!!!  And, they don’t like kittens!!!! —  A lot!!!!


This is a sad, but, beautiful lesson for these young people harmed by the college’s idiocy.  For socialists, enough is never enough.  The ones who already have a health insurance policy are already subsidizing other insurance policies, via Obamacare.  Or, perhaps, they qualified for a subsidized Obamacare policy.  Now, those that did, will be forced to subsidize other’s policies. 

It’s a great world where you get punished for not wishing to buy someone’s product, no?  Well, that’s freedom for you! 

You see, as the VP Susan Murphy said, it’s “our” responsibility.  …. that is, it’s your responsibility via the arbitrary declaration of Cornell.  It’s a “burden” we all share, except for those who are not burdened by it ….. in which case, it would your burden is their “benefit”.  See how that works?  Quit being greedy!!!  Take an extra McJob is you don’t have the money!!!  Our economy is booming with openings right now …. according to the brilliant economists who tell us you can easily afford the extra payments …. just slow down on doing the stuff you like to do …. it’s for the greater good!

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9 Responses to I Wonder How Many Of These Students Actively Protested Obamacare?

  1. DirkH says:

    Robert Lustig says all that healthcare spending goes into maintaining (not fixing) the consequences of fructose consumption. (metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity)
    Sugar: The Bitter Truth 1:30:00

    • suyts says:

      I recently listened to a local radio program. It hosted my eye doctor (an ophthalmologist). He related a new study (from meta data) suggests that people taking synthetic vitamins do not live longer, but, shorter lives. They proposed that it was, perhaps, that the synthetics shut down the natural absorption pathways in the body.

      I’ve been meaning to look for the study, but, haven’t had the time. Given our recent posts and comments, I thought people might find that interesting.

      • DirkH says:

        “They proposed that it was, perhaps, that the synthetics shut down the natural absorption pathways in the body. ”

        Makes me very uneasy, remember all the rumours around UN, Agenda 21, Codex alimentarius, about outlawing supplements? Maybe a new “science”-driven statist campaign is coming.

        • DirkH says:

          …nothing against your doctor, but the guys who did the metastudy might just have an agenda, and botched it just the right way, just as Ansel Keys botched his 7 countries study (by omitting 20 other countries, and not testing for sucrose/fructose as potential cause for heart disease, and not including smoking. Ansel KEys malfeasance even was discovered and debated at the time, but the media ran with his hypothesis, which makes it look as intentional fraud, not incompetence.).

        • suyts says:

          right …. we all know that studies can be horribly flawed. I’ll have to look for the study.

      • cdquarles says:

        I’d like to see that study, as well.

        One thing is certain, to me, and that is any supplementation will saturate absorption for some and the greater the amount of supplementation, the larger the percentage of the populaiton will get to that point.

        An enzyme does not know or care where the chemical came from when it binds to it. Natural is not a guarantee of safety and synthesized is not a guarantee of harm.

    • cdquarles says:

      I can see this for some edge cases, but that vid goes too far.

  2. Latitude says:

    welcome to socialized medicine kids……….

  3. kim2ooo says:

    The sweetest sound I’ve ever heard is the call…. to riot, by – libtards.

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