Some News Of Last Week I Didn’t Get To …… Watch Europe!!!!

Marine Le Pen Leads French Presidential Poll



The leader of France’s far-right National Front party came out on top in a new poll on potential 2017 presidential candidates. The survey,published in Marianne on Thursday, pitted Marine Le Pen against French President Francois Hollande, former President Nicolas Sarkozy and other potential candidates.

“If the first ballot would take place today,” the magazine wrote, ” she would gather between 29 and 31 percent of the votes, depending on the adversaries.”

According to the poll, former President Nicolas Sarkozy would come in second if the elections took place today. French President Francois Hollande, who has battled low approval rates throughout his first term, would not make it to the second round.

The poll comes weeks after the deadly terror attacks on the office of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in Paris by three radicalized Muslims. While Marianne details that it’s unclear what effects the attacks had on the results of the poll, Le Pen and the National Front, known for their proposals to reduce the number of immigrants in France and their criticism of Islam, have used the assaults to draw attention to their program.

“I have been warning of the danger of Muslim fundamentalism in our country for years,” Le Pen said in the wake of the attacks.

Le Pen is the daughter of National Front founder and controversial French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen. Since she took over the National Front’s leadership, the party has surged to the top of the polls. The latest survey by polling firm BVA puts the party’s popularity at 28 percent, just two percentage points shy of President Hollande’s Socialist Party. Marine Le Pen ran for president unsuccessfully in 2012.

Heh!  Today, “far right” means anything the LSM disagrees with.

I saw this a few days ago and wanted to post on it, but, didn’t have time.  And, I still can’t do it justice, because I haven’t taken the time to see what fiscal advocacy France’s National Front has, but, they’re French, so I would presume they’re somewhere left of Khrushchev.  That said, it doesn’t negate the threat the French people are under, which Le Pen accurately describes. 

Here’s the deal, for all non-Europeans reading this blog.  We follow them in many regards.  It’s absolute lunacy to regard Europe as some far off continent.  What is coming to call there, is coming to call here.  I think it would be better to stop them there, rather than here. 

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2 Responses to Some News Of Last Week I Didn’t Get To …… Watch Europe!!!!

  1. DirkH says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if she has an unpleasant meeting with a nail gun. CIA wants to bring in Sarkozy again, he’s been resurrected, and he has, ahem, family ties to Langley.

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