Not So Shocking News!!!! Mitt’s Not Running!!!! …… Funny News!!!! Jeb Picks Up Mitt Adviser!!!!!


Well, if you haven’t heard, then you’re not watching, or listening, or reading the news. 

MITT WILL NOT RUN 2012 GOP nominee says he will not pursue 3rd bid

This, of course, is no surprise.  That’s why he and Jeb Bush got together some days ago.  But, if you didn’t know that he wasn’t running by that, you would have known he wasn’t running by this news, yesterday …..

Jeb Bush recruits ex-Romney Iowa adviser

Which, I think is pretty funny.  It also demonstrates why Bush shouldn’t be running.  He is, and will come across as the ‘same-o/lame-o’ Repub candidate. 

That said, people need to take note.  Jeb Bush will be a formidable candidate for the Repub nomination.  It will be interesting to see who the LSM will want to pick for the Repub nomination —- Jeb or the beached whale.  I think it will be Christie for as long as he’s seen as viable.  But, in a race between Jeb and Christie, Jeb crushes Christie. 

There are two reasons why Jeb will be so formidable —– Florida and Texas. 

Right now, I see the Repub race as a 4 man race …. if the others announce.  That is Bush, Christie, Paul, and Walker.  I don’t see anyone else having much of a chance, if those 4 actually run.  But, that’s right now.  Much can change between now and then. 

Does anyone see anyone else?

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14 Responses to Not So Shocking News!!!! Mitt’s Not Running!!!! …… Funny News!!!! Jeb Picks Up Mitt Adviser!!!!!

  1. The two probable leaders are my two least favorites.
    I think I’ll write-in Reagan.

  2. geran says:

    Let’s be positive. This could be the start of a good trend. First Romney bows out, then Bush bows out. Then Christie. We might end up with a good one.

  3. Latitude says:

    I’m on for Walker…..

  4. HankH says:

    We don’t need another Bush or Clinton running for office!!! Well, perhaps a Clinton against a non-Bush candidate might be a good thing as I see Clinton electable only in the absence of a real contender.

  5. philjourdan says:

    I see Cruz and Rubio as well. It is too early to pick a winner. THat is both an observation and a hope. While I can easily support Walker or Paul, as front runners, I see them as targets for the republican establishment.

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