Immigration Woes —— In Germany!!!! Merkel Shows Herself!!!!


Quisling has nothing on Merkel.

Well, we knew this was coming.  And, it’s coming in more and more places in Europe and elsewhere …..


Angela Merkel will use her televised new year’s eve address tonight to call on Germans to reject the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe (PEGIDA) movement, remarking it “goes without saying” that Germany should accept mass immigration and refugees from the third world without questioning it.

Only last week PEGIDA, which started as a small ‘stroll’ in the east German city of Dresden in October of 200 like-minded people, had grown to a significant march of 17,500. After three months of weekly Monday strolls, PEGIDA called a special Christmas protest, and the crowd met to sing Carols against radical Islam. Thanks to the organisation, the Islamisation of Europe has hit the top of the German news agenda for the first time, and has goaded the political establishment into a reaction.

Chancellor Merkel’s speech, which will be televised tonight, has been previewed by European media and will instruct German citizens to shun the PEGIDA movement, and to accept what it protests with open arms. In the pre-recorded tape, Merkel made reference to the rally slogan of the Patriotic Europeans ‘we are the people’, a phrase inherited from strollers in a previous generation who campaigned against censorship and oppression in Communist East Germany.

The chancellor said: “Today many people are again shouting on Mondays: ‘We are the people’. But in fact they mean: You do not belong – because of the colour of your skin or your religion.

“So I say to everyone who goes to such demonstrations: Do not follow those who are appealing to you! Because too often there is prejudice, coldness, even hatred, in their hearts”.

Asylum applications to Germany have quadrupled in the past two years, and immigration is at a twenty-year high. This sudden spike in new-comers to Germany, along with a series of fierce pitched battles between immigrants bringing foreign conflicts with them to the streets of Europe are among the main inspirations for the PEGIDA movement, alongside parallel Sharia legal systems and a perceived failure by many to integrate. Despite that, Merkel was full of praise for migration.

Moving on from damning those in Germany who campaign against radical Islam, Merkel herself criticised radical Islam, speaking of the atrocities performed in the name of the newly established caliphate, the Islamic State. She said: “One consequence of these wars and crises is that worldwide there are more refugees than we have seen since the second world war. Many literally escaped death.

“It goes without saying that we help them and take in people who seek refuge with us”. Merkel said because of the falling birthrate and an ageing population immigration was necessary, and indeed was “a gain for all of us”.

The chancellor added that Germany being the single most popular destination in Europe for asylum seekers and migrants was “perhaps the biggest compliment” that could be paid to a nation.

Angela Merkel is not the only member of the German political and social ‘elite’ to criticise the strollers of the PEGIDA movement. The country’s centre-left SPD have gone as far as calling PEGIDA “Nazis in pinstripes”, and during last week’s Dresden stroll the Bavarian state opera house turned off its lights and unfurled large banners promoting ‘humanity’ in protest.

PEGIDA had announced they would resume their marches in the new year on Monday the 5th of January this morning, however by Wednesday afternoon the posts had been deleted from Facebook, their primary method of communication with followers. A statement released by the Group along with a link to a news article about Merkel’s condemnation of the group asked: “Are we nearing a ban on our movement?

“We had to delete some posts! The cause for this are the nightly activities coming from the left. They posted false images of our movement, to make racist and anti-constitutional comments by using fake profiles. We ask for your understanding!

“We wish you a happy new year and a better, peaceful 2015 for all us!”

I hope they continue their “strolls”.

There is a distinction which needs made in the immigration discussion.  Immigration is not integration.  And, this is the problem with unfettered immigration.  They don’t integrate.  What happens, in Germany, the US, and anywhere else, is that the immigrants, without being properly vetted and shown what is necessary to function properly in their new society, is that they bring with them their failed society.  And, let me be very clear, the mass immigrations from other nations is proof that they are leaving an utterly failed society. 

We don’t need a new radical terror ridden failed state in the middle of Europe, just like we don’t need a new third world failed Latin American nation in North America.  Helping victims is one thing, importing failed cultures and subjecting our citizens to such a failed culture is entirely another. 

Shame on Merkel!  And shame on all the politicians who advocate such harm to their citizenry!  Her, (and their) responsibility is first to the citizens of her (and their) nation(s). 

The people must punish these people for their betrayal. 

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14 Responses to Immigration Woes —— In Germany!!!! Merkel Shows Herself!!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    With apologies to Dirk- she is merely a sock puppet of Obama. She will dissolve once he leaves office (if he does).

  2. Latitude says:

    it’s like they don’t get it…..the obvious I mean

  3. DirkH says:

    Well PEGIDA has grown to 15000 people taking a weekly stroll through Dresden; sometimes chanting Wir Sind Das Volk; a 160 year old battle cry that rattles the nerves of rulers since that time.

    This is growing bigger while multitudes of illegal immigrants are placed in all cities and villages. 200,000 came this year, 300,000 are expected next year, the state assigns them to cities and villages and the municipalities have to come up with accomodation. In my hometown they all get crammed into an old unused barracks of the Bundeswehr in which I did my time as draftee.

    Other cities do the weirdest thing; Göttingen, famous for Gauss, Riemann and Weber, today a run down culturally marxist shit university, ruled by red-greens, gets assigned 20 “refugees” a month, and rents city apartments for them. New students in the wintersemester starting in October were therefore unable to find accomodation and lived in a tent city. SO – again – criminals from Tunesia get a free flat, while German students willing to pay for a room in one, are forced to live in tents.

    All of this is NOT reported in the press but in the blogs; of course there are commenters from across the country contributing info. The press is our enemy and will not report it.

    Pegida will NOT go away until something breaks.

    • DirkH says:

      ” gets assigned 20 “refugees” a month, ” – mistake – 20 “refugees” a week.

    • suyts says:

      It is, simply, a betrayal of her people. I know you know this, but, I’ll state it anyway. If the German people are to remain German, then it isn’t enough for Merkel to resign. The people must openly, and with a loud voice, reject her.

      • DirkH says:

        Pretty much a done deal. It’s been 10 weeks now since Pegida started and the political-medial class is in panic. The CDU, which used to avoid any criticism of their leader Merkel, now mouthes some critical opinions. This is a big deal! The CDU is normally called the Kanzlerwahlverein, the Chancellor election club, they do not criticize their leader in public normally.

        Merkel is under fire from two directions: One visible, the protest against the mass immigration, the other invisible, industry demanding peace with Russia.

        The pro-industry forces in the CDU will use Pegida to reject Merkel and come up with their own candidate.

        There have been assaults on Pegida and Hogesa demonstrants after the demos, by packs of black clad “autonomes”, using fists, kicks, and knifes; now normally we would assume them to be communist teenagers BUT the knifes tell me that under the black masks we have young turks now; so as the Pegida demos grow the probability of the first successfull killings grows; the West German hard left might already be in a fatal alliance with turkish thugs; which will break the spine of the left as a movement as it comes out. My bet is that it will happen in Hamburg.

  4. Lars P. says:

    I think the point about “needing to increase the number of population” due to the “ageing of the population” is nonsense.
    The automatisation process is increasing productivity faster then the decrease in population, so there is no “need” to increase the population.

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