Leftards Mad!!!! Afraid Right Is Learning!!!!!!

Joan Walsh ✔ @joanwalsh


The right politicizes murders: How it exploited tragedy and told de Blasio how to raise his son http://www.salon.com/2014/12/22/the_right_politicizes_murders_how_it_exploited_tragedy_told_de_blasio_how_to_raise_his_son/ … via @Salon

You can read about the angry left attacking conservatives for having the audacity to blame the left for facilitating and encouraging the execution of the two cops murdered in cold blood in NY. 

The most recent two in NY, of course, are not the only cops to be killed.  But, the murderer directly tied his monstrosity to ……. well, the left’s exploitation of tragedy. 

But, beyond politics, this is what occurred …..

The left taught the lunatics to hate police, rule of law, and civil authority.  The left exploited and advantaged individual tragedies over the last couple of years or so, none of which had a damned thing to do with race.  The left inflamed the ill-informed.  The left coddled, excused, and encouraged lawless rioting. 

The left caused the execution of two innocent people, doing nothing but trying to protect and serve the people. 

Would that lunatic have killed some others if not for the left’s inflammatory and hate-filled rhetoric?  Perhaps.  Would he have targeted and killed the two NYPD officers in retaliation for Brown and Garner?  Absolutely not. 

Again, the protests were based on nothing but lies, which the left spread, especially leftist media personalities such as Joan Walsh.  Brown died because he attacked a man and tried to take a loaded weapon from the man, rather than getting out of the middle of the street.  Garner died because he had heart trouble and resisted arrest.  A Black female supervisor was at the scene and said nothing.  Race had nothing to do with it.

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6 Responses to Leftards Mad!!!! Afraid Right Is Learning!!!!!!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    Well, what choice does the Left have? Without lies, they’d be Conservatives.

  2. philjourdan says:

    I am reminded of when I had a “difference of opinion” with a half way house for girls – the den mother. She called police. 2 squad cars came (every time a girl at that house sneezes, the police have to respond). The sergeant was black (as was the den mother). The den mother was fouled mouth and started calling the police “your boys” (referring to me). The sergeant was not at all pleased (a very pleasant man otherwise). Yea, that was racism. Racism against idiots and morons! I never knew they had a race, but you can find them on the road – just look for Obama bumper stickers.

  3. kelly says:

    With the Garner death if it was in relation to what our media said selling individual cigarettes illegally then it was overkill. Give the guy a ticket and move on. Obama’s comments saying how minorities are treated is not helpful (especially since one is the president). The discussion should be about what are the police doing and why. There are corporate criminals out there that will never be stopped by anyone yet someone selling cigarettes illegally gets wrestled to the ground for what reason and he did say he can’t breath or something like that. So judgement could have been much better and considering his weight it is likely he has breathing problems normally.

    • philjourdan says:

      First, he did not die from any imaginary choke hold (there was none). He was doing something illegal (that should not have been), but the time to “protest” bad law is in the courts, not when some flat foot is “just doing his job”. Now the ruckus is over a thug who POINTED a gun at a cop and was shot dead.

      In years past, they had legitimate victims to yell about. It is a TESTAMENT to how well the police have come that now the only protests are over Darwin candidates that would not survive in any event. It has gone from an issue of “civil rights” to one of moron rights. Morons have no rights. Stupidity is no excuse for the law or survival.

      And finally, please use the full name of the Darwin Candidate – Eric Garner.

      Garner refers to James Garner – Bret Maverick. An outstanding actor who died before his time.

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