Someone, Anyone Is Going To Die Because Of This?

Some readers may have seen this …….


A World Health Organisation report predicting the scale of deaths from global warming in decades to come has exaggerated the threat ten-fold, according to a former US government adviser on climate change.

The WHO’s report predicts a quarter of a million deaths per year between 2030 and 2050, a figure that Dr Goklany slammed as “preposterous”, because the model didn’t account for people’s ability to adapt.

The WHO’s study was released in the run up to the UN Summit on climate change in September. Amongst its predictions were claims that 95,000 more people would die each year from malnutrition, 60,000 from malaria, 48,000 from diarrhoea and 38,000 elderly who would die from heat exposure.

However, the briefing sheet put out with the study does not explain the assumptions made when creating the predictions. Rather, that information is buried within a table in the full report. Under the column heading “potential options not included in the model” is the revelation that the diarrhoea prediction does not include the possibility of “improved water, sanitation and hygiene”; that coastal flooding deaths do not include “population relocation”, and that deaths by exposure to heat aren’t avoided through “improved heat health protection measures; early warning systems”.

According to Dr Indur Goklany, who was a member of the delegation that set up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and helped developed its first assessment report, the assumptions render the report meaningless.

In a report designed to rebut the claims, titled Unhealthy Exaggeration: the WHO Report on Climate Change and published on the website of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, Dr Goklany writes: “This study is fundamentally flawed.”  …….

Well, yes, it is.  It is fundamentally flawed in more ways than one. 

While Dr. Goklany focused on one set of flaws, I think there are other flaws more important to focus on.  First of all, the notion people would die of malnutrition because of global warming is insipidly stupid.  As I have demonstrated over and over again, world food production is increasing beyond world population increase.  If there were such a thing as global warming induced climate change (there isn’t) then it is favorable to crop production.  Malaria is an infectious disease which has no relation to an average global temperature.  Some of the worst malaria outbreaks have occurred in cold weather places.  Malaria mostly occurs today because the world hasn’t put a priority into stamping the rest of it out.  We could easily rid the world of this scourge if we put half the effort into wiping out malaria as we do trying to convince people our climate changing is something bad and people are responsible for it.  Diarrhea?  Diarrhea!!!!????  WTF?  Global warming now causes diarrhea?  HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!  Heat waves?  Is there any credible study which demonstrates heat waves are becoming more frequent or more severe?  I’ve not seen one.  And, I won’t see one because it can’t exist.    

But, let’s pretend what the lunatics contend is realz.  Let’s pretend one of the most serial data adjusters liars are telling the truth (pick your iteration, historical data changes every time I look). 



Really?  Are we to honestly believe that causes diarrhea?  Really?  Seriously?  No, of course they’re not serious.  It’s a scary bedtime story to tell children and the feeble minded.  

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6 Responses to Someone, Anyone Is Going To Die Because Of This?

  1. DirkH says:

    Also: a quarter million deaths per year is 0.25% of total mortality. Assuming 70 year avg lifespan.
    Affecting mortality by a quarter of a percent is childs play. Life expectancy grows 3 months every year in developed countries. Probably faster in developing countries as they do not have to re-invent what we have invented and generally have higher growth speed. Even if their non-adaptation assumption were correct the effect would be drowned out by the reduction in mortality.

    • cdquarles says:

      Slight correction, Dirk. The human lifespan is 120 years. That no everyone makes it that long on this Earth doesn’t change that.

      The population life expectancy at birth is the 3 score and ten mentioned by the same set of books. The crude death rate drops from near 700 per 1000 conceptions before birth to roughly 20 per 1000 world wide at birth. It drops from there a bit to roughly age 14, then slowly, though exponentially, climbs until most of the cohort is dead, which will be 120 years in the future guaranteed, and almost always 110 years in the future. That exponential levels off in the final few years of the fixed span to almost a fixed half life.

      • cdquarles says:

        argh *not

        Anyway, the gist of your statement is correct under ‘normal’ circumstances. Once we transition into the Revelation style times; well, you know what I mean.

  2. David A says:

    James is very correct about the immense benefits of CO2, which will save far more lives then any minor warming will cause. By 2050 CO2 will likely be about 475 PPM. Every food crop on the planet will grow about 23% more food then in a 280 ppm world. This 23 % increase will require zero increase in land or water! Crops will be more heat cold and drought tolerant.

    Perhaps the Malthusians only wish for the higher fatality numbers, and want to prevent the very thing that will save lives.

    • DirkH says:

      The small Green believer has no idea at all that higher CO2 is beneficial for plants – as he gets all his information from MSM – and the MSM is never interested in reporting good news – it would violate the basic tenets of Critical Theory.

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