Someone Give This Man A Raise/Promotion/Something! Protesters Get Yelled At!!

Breitbart has this ….



When a group of students protesting the Ferguson grand jury decision shut down Interstate 5 during Wednesday morning rush hour, thousands of people became late for work. Some got out of their cars to watch the protesters, while others simply waited for police. But one man angrily confronted them, stealing a protester’s bullhorn to shout back a message of his own.

Now, video of the man’s rant has gone viral, with some calling him a “hero” for standing up to the protesters.

“I gotta go to Ross right now, homie,” Tyree Landrum told ABC 10News San Diego in the video. “If I don’t get there, I’m gonna get fired. I got six f***ing kids to feed, I gotta get this car off the… Day goes on homie. M*****f***ers get shot every f***ing day. Deal with it the right f***ing way, not like this.”

Landrum can then be seen in the video confronting a protester, yelling, “I’m about to lose my f***ing job, and you guys are f***ing out here protesting?”

One woman wearing medical scrubs got out of her car and began yelling at the protesters.

“Arrest them!” the nurse yelled. “We have doctors and nurses that have to save lives here.”

Police reportedly arrived about a half hour after the protest began, and immediately cleared the freeway. None of the protesters were arrested.

In a follow-up interview with 10News, Landrum, who works three jobs, said he reached his breaking point when one of the protesters shoved a bullhorn in his face.

“And then he put this bullhorn in my face, and I’m like get this bullhorn out of my face,” Landrum said. “At that point I was confused, frustrated, and completely angry.”

“I’m nobody special,” Landrum said. “Just doing what I thought was right.”

Ryan Fusco, a complete stranger who saw Landrum’s video, disagrees. Fusco started acrowdfunding campaign to help buy Christmas presents for Landrum’s six children. It has already doubled its fundraising goal with 26 days remaining.

“He’s obviously doing all he can to support his family,” Fusco told 10News. “The sincerity, the passion, his willingness to stand up and do something really spoke to me.”

Here’s a news story which caught some of this on video.


You do have the right to speak your mindless drivel, you don’t have a right to stop people from their own pursuits. 

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8 Responses to Someone Give This Man A Raise/Promotion/Something! Protesters Get Yelled At!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Sometimes common sense trumps activism guided by ignorance.

  2. DirkH says:

    Any blocked freeways in Chicago yet about the genocide under Rahm Emmanuel?

  3. Mark Luhman says:

    Why in the hell were those people not arrested. You have no right to block a freeway, as far as I am concern five years in jail would be about right. Let see if being a girl friend for a real bad ass would change their tune on where is a good place to protest. Emanuel need to be in jail with them.

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