Newsbusters Spot On!!!! Meet The Real Science Deniers!


I got a kick out of this, so I thought I’d share …….

The Ferguson Grand Jury Meets the Liberal Science Deniers

The media calls climate change skeptics  “anti-science.” ……..

…… From the cable air waves to the cyber or printed pages, outlets with names like Slate, Salon, The Huffington Post and on and on are railing against against the “anti-science” crowd.

Then along comes the seemingly un-related death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. And wonder of wonders…suddenly for liberals in the media science is just one big no big deal.

The point is made sadly if exquisitely in the liberal media treatment of the Ferguson Grand Jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson.

When one reads the actual transcript of the Grand Jury deliberations one is struck by the degree to which science is used to understand exactly what occurred when Michael Brown was shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

What kind of science?  There was DNA. Photographs were used — yes, photography is a science as well as an art. There was a medical examiner -science a medical examiner’s tools of the trade. Rigor mortis is scientific fact, as is livor mortis — the settling of the blood in a dead body — both described in the proceedings as used in describing Michael Brown’s body.  Direction — the science of geography was used to precisely describe the position of the body. The science of pathology was used as was the science of forensics as applied by a scientifically trained forensic anthropologist. Evidence was sent to a chemistry lab — chemistry is science. There was a gun involved, examined using the science of ballistics.


There’s more, of course, much more in terms of the science that was used in investigating the death of Michael Brown. All of it detailed in that Grand Jury report.

But what does the liberal media say of all of this? To borrow a phrase – they are “science deniers.”

There is Ezra Klein over at Vox  pronouncing Officer Wilson’s story “unbelievable — literally.” He mentions not a solitary scientific fact in his piece. The New Republic makes the case for racism — science unmentioned. In fact, racism was the not-so-unobvious reason ascribed to the grand jury in all manner of left-wing quarters. The Huffington Post loved this talking point.  The New York Times  headlined a story:

   Reaction to Ferguson Decision Shows Racial
                Divide Remains Over Views of Justice

So this means, apparently, that liberals hold to the “truth” that one race believes in science and another race is so, to borrow a Rush Limbaughism, “low-information” that science is just not believable? Really? Nothing racist in that assumption by the Times, eh? ………..

There’s more to read at the link.

Of course, the thing about climate science, (which the lunatics reference when they’re calling people anti-science) is that it is a misnomer.  It is a pseudo-science on par with phrenology.  It demonstrates itself to be a pseudo-science at every turn.  A real science can be reasonably proven or falsified with actual observation, climate science, (as it is commonly held today) cannot be.  You like physics?  Watch a rock fall to the earth, and you can know Newton was onto something real and demonstrable.  Same can be said for biology, chemistry, etc ….   Climate science?   Well, it tells us a warming world will melt our polar caps ……. except when it doesn’t.   The models predict exponential global temperature increases ….. except when it doesn’t.  Climate science has told us hurricanes and typhoons will become more severe and more frequent ……. except when they don’t.  Polar bears?  They’re all suppose to be dead by now. 

Skeptics aren’t science deniers, we just have that unreasonable expectation that science should deal with reality rather than some misanthropist’s dark fantasies.   

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8 Responses to Newsbusters Spot On!!!! Meet The Real Science Deniers!

  1. DirkH says:

    Manipulating people IS a science.

  2. philjourdan says:

    Climate science is real and is a valid field of study. However. as practiced by the shamans of AGW, it is merely voodoo science. Do not condemn the science because of the weak minded fools that ascribe mysticism to it.

    • Jim Masterson says:

      philjourdan says:
      December 1, 2014 at 6:09 am

      voodoo science

      We have a new term for this type of climatology: “Ferguson Missouri Climatology.” Since CO2 is the culprit, don’t confuse us with the facts. CO2 causes the temperature to rise; it causes the temperature to drop; it increases rain/snow; it deceases rain/snow; and so on ad nauseum.


    • cdquarles says:

      Sure, the part that goes by the name of meteorology. The rest? I’m not so sure how much science is really in there.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    They want to believe.

    They want to believe global warming is happening even when it isn’t and hasn’t for 18 years. They want to believe Mr Wilson is a murderer even though it was clear as crystal he was defending himself from a powerful attack.

    As to being anti-science, that is a laugh since I’ve a PhD in chemistry and have worked in chemistry R&D over thirty years. Anytime a MSM person wants to publicly debate the science I am willing: my terms are no less than 12 powerpoint slides and reimbursement of travel and accommodation.

    Since these people never want to debate I have no fear my offer will be taken up (although since I’ll win, its not really a fear, more the annoyance of wasting a day or two of my time talking science to green religious nutters).

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