Breaking!!!! US Wildfires Actually Decreasing In Frequency And Severity!!!!


Yes, I know this would be shocking for the leftarded climate crazies, if they bothered to ever actually look at the numbers.  But, then, if one endeavors to find out for themselves, rather than to simply accept hyperbole and manipulation, one wouldn’t be a leftarded climate crazy. 

The year is almost over and the wild fire season has long past, so the graphic shouldn’t change in any significant manner. 

This graphs does a YTD comparison to the ten previous years, as far as US wildfires, how many, and how many acres burned.  It is only up to date to 10 Oct.  But, again, the wildfire season is usually over by then, or winding down. 

And, what does it show us?


Well, golly, with all the hyperbole about emissions and wild fires (Zero lectured the Australians about such the other day) one would have thought they would be increasing, not decreasing. 


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2 Responses to Breaking!!!! US Wildfires Actually Decreasing In Frequency And Severity!!!!

  1. cdquarles says:

    Atmospheric Effect in one equation: I’m not sure how this works with an atmosphere where there is significant internal heating and/or no condensed surface, but I like this equation. It looks beautiful to this old and disabled chemist’s/clinical diagnostician’s eyes.

  2. squid2112 says:

    As I have said many times, ans will say once again. Wildfire have little or nothing to do with “climate” as fully 90% of all wildfires are created by humans, either through negligence or maliciousness. That leaves leaves less than 10% of all wildfires that could even possibly be affected by “climate”, and even those are not. Affected by “weather”? Yes (lightning from storms obviously being one method).

    If you were to make a graph of the number of incidents of arson in this country, and further correlate that data with volume of camping throughout the parks in the country, you will find a direct and perfect correlation to the trend in wildfires. Has nothing to do with “climate”.

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