Climate Reminder!!!! Hurricanes Become More Severe With More Atmospheric CO2!!!! —— Except When They Don’t —- Updated Global ACE Values


Well, we had another unremarkable hurricane season.  Depending upon how one wishes to look at it, it was average or below average, once again.

I thought I’d look at what the ACE values have done. 

Again, ACE isn’t a perfect method to determining the energy of a storm, but, it is one way to determine if storms have stronger more sustained winds.

For those not familiar .. …

Accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) is a measure used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to express the activity of individual tropical cyclones and entire tropical cyclone seasons.

The ACE of a season is calculated by summing the squares of the estimated maximum sustained velocity of every active tropical storm (wind speed 35 knots (65 km/h) or higher), at six-hour intervals.

So, let’s see what it has done the last 30 years ……


While I’m here with the pretty graph I suppose I should explain the “30 year” nonsense.  30 years is an arbitrary time span the lunatics decided was long enough to hold some significance towards a trend in climate circles.  There is, of course, no reason to believe 30 years is any better than 20 or 40 years.  One would suppose the longer the time period the better, but, that’s pretty problematic for the lunatics and climate data.  There isn’t any reliable or like data going back that far. 

The reason I sometimes play along with their game is because I get to shove it back up their ………. well, you know.  Here’s 30 years of data, so if their premise of 30 years is correct, and if global warming was said to cause more and worse hurricanes, then we can say their notions of global warming is falsified, using their own premise

As to whether or not this pretty graph holds any real meaning or insight, cdquarles alerts us to a fine read written by William Briggs Statistician to the Stars.  It’s well worth the read, and put simply so laypeople can understand what he’s saying. 

Netherlands Temperature Controversy: Or, Yet Again, How Not To Do Time Series

It’s too lengthy for me to reproduce here, but, it holds some basic information.  And, understanding this is necessary to identify the reification of global warming/climate change. 

Source for the graph

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9 Responses to Climate Reminder!!!! Hurricanes Become More Severe With More Atmospheric CO2!!!! —— Except When They Don’t —- Updated Global ACE Values

  1. James, my friend, here is real science: ”Hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes are made of H2O + O2 +N2, -rain made from water and wind made from oxygen &nitrogen, when get highly electrically charged; nothing, nothing to do with CO2!!! If you don’t want hurricanes and tornadoes – you need to get read of water and get read of oxygen and nitrogen – you see: there are no cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes on the moon, very peaceful place. When I suggest that to the warmist -> they run for cover, but as long as the Skeptics are winging about those natural phenomena, that’s Warmist Viagra, for screwing the western nations better…

    How they get electrically charged? Starts with a water molecule ”evaporating” gets electrically charged -> lots of molecules make the cloud = lots of electricity. Then, from some desert dry heat comes to that cloud and absorbs half of the moisture, but not the electricity. That happens few times = that cloud ends up with 10 times more electricity, than if it was normal thunderstorm.

    That tremendous electricity starts spinning and sucks plenty moisture from the sea = you get cyclone, hurricane, typhoon. Because tornadoes are over land, they suck dust, BUT, because they don’t have the burden of spinning too much water, they spin faster.

    Solution: get water anyway possible into the deserts – less ”dry heat” produced = less of those natural phenomena. Warmist are against new dams, to save extra stormwater on dry land, and they are succeeding – only because ”skeptics” don’t listen to me!!!…

    • suyts says:

      Which is why we see a slight decline in hurricane and tornado activity …… more CO2 helps vegetation, which, in turn, reduces the “dry heat”.

      • James, here in Australia the media reports that is very cold days in most of US now – is it ”colder than normal” or just cold, because you have winter now?

        • suyts says:

          In most parts, it is cooler than normal, but, I wouldn’t describe them as “very cold”. We had a cold front move in a couple of weeks ago, and the weather patterns prevented it from moving on for a bit. It has since moved on, and when it did, it brought us quite a bit of snow in some places. Again, it’s cooler, but, it isn’t unusual. It’s just more alarmism.

        • cdquarles says:

          Most of the year in my part of the US has been cooler than normal. It isn’t winter yet, astronomically or meteorologically, but we’ve had ‘wintry’ weather = more typical for January than October/November. We rarely get snow and when we do it is more likely to snow in March than December. The most likely time for us to get snow is January and February.

        • cdquarles, do you ever get snow on sealevel, OR is it snowing only on higher altitudes?

      • Thanks James; it was on TV here, showing cars stuck on the road in deep snow
        Because here now is muggy hot, just before wet to start – feels good even on tv to see some snow. Most of Australians never see any snow in their life, unless they go oversea.

        • suyts says:

          Yes, that was probably Buffalo, upstate New York. They frequently get a lot of snow. For them, it mostly comes from the Great Lakes.

    • suyts commented ” more CO2 helps vegetation, which, in turn, reduces the “dry heat”.

      Spot on! BUT: if brown water, or any water is channeled in US deserts -> tornadoes will decrease by 60-70%, and the rest will be small and not destructive.

      2] Australian deserts are sending dry heat over pacific and creates powerful cyclones – more stormwater saved on land -> deserts decrease, dry heat -> instead of cyclones, would be only tropical lows

      3] Brazil is on same latitude as Australia; because doesn’t produce dry heat, no cyclones

      4] instead of squandering billions to stop the climate from changing – should turn Congo river floodwater north -> Sahara gets greener – will send less dry heat into north Atlantic -> hurricanes would be only tropical lows in US. What do we want?! Climate change!! When do we want it?! NOW!!!

      James, see where the Warmist spent 55billion$$US, to con the people that they will produce electricity from hydrogen fusion. If you give this post to your local congresman; that can give a lot of trouble to the warmist. read every sentence first and see for yourself:

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