LOL @ Warmist Clowns ….. Again!!!! Climate Central!!!!


A photorealistic view of the classic Venice Beach Boardwalk under 12 feet of sea level rise.
Credit: Nickolay Lamm. Data: Climate Central

No one is truly ready for the abject stupidity of the Climate Central clowns. 

My bold.

‘Nobody Is Truly Ready’ For Rise of Seas

Abandon Seaside! Globe is Flooding! Invest in Arks!

So might scream tabloid headlines had news of projections for rising seas, which were contained in a bumper climate report published a week ago by the United Nations, been, well, new. They weren’t. They were a synthesis of previously published research on a decades-old topic. So the latest ringing of multi-decade flood warnings was engulfed in a wash of more general global warming coverage.

But the sea level figures in the report, while not new to experts (and, by many expert accounts, dangerously lowballed), were nonetheless remarkable — and worthy of urgent reflection.

The report warns that coastal property and infrastructure could be a foot lower in just a few decades than is the case today, portending an unprecedented crisis for which the nation appears to be frightfully ill-prepared. U.S. coastal cities, established in centuries past when seas were 8 inches lower than they are today, are now flooding regularly during high tides. Despite decades of research and warnings, little has been done to defend against the slow-motion marine invasion of landlubbers’ territory.

“The statistics make clear that people keep moving to the coast, indeed, that people keep moving to Miami, even as the flooding there becomes more regular,” Bill McKibben, a prominent writer who has dedicated himself to raising the profile of climate change, told Climate Central. “I think people imagine that this problem will happen slowly, but it’s already well underway.”……..

…. Not only were the IPCC projections not new, they were so old as to be unreliable. A “flurry of new literature” published after the report’s 2013 cutoff dates suggests they’re conservative projections, said Kelly Levin, a researcher at the World Resources Institute. She recently profiled nine landmark climate studies that were published too recently to be included on Sunday in the IPCC’s synthesis report, including some that related to rising sea levels.

“A lot of the new research that we’ve seen since the cutoff has suggested that both the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets are far more vulnerable to some of the dynamics that could lead to higher levels of sea level rise,” Levin said.

Even without the inclusion of those new findings into the IPCC’s projections, however, Levin points out that the international panel’s projections are frightfully high — “pretty stark,” she called them. A gulf-like disconnect between the projections of sea level rise, and levels of preparedness for those projections, is evident, no matter which numbers you’re looking at. ……

…… On the opposite coast, Rebuild by Design, borne from the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy, is spending $1 billion of federal funds to foster new ideas for rebuilding near affected coastlines. ……

Further south, frustrated by the government of Florida’s apathy toward climate change’s impacts, South Miami is trying to lead a campaign to carve out a 51st state — one in which sea-level rise is regarded with a sense of urgency……



Yes, the not new dire predictions which still haven’t occurred, even since 8 inches ago would be unprecedented, except that it wouldn’t be even if their delusional prognostications were to come true.  Even in spite of the decades of dire predictions the “slow motion marine invasion” causes “people to imagine this problem will happen slowly”.

The “gulf-like disconnect” is between the decades long projections and reality. 

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7 Responses to LOL @ Warmist Clowns ….. Again!!!! Climate Central!!!!

  1. HankH says:

    Only Grimm could come up with a fairy tale so fantastic.

    These igiots don’t comprehend that the reason why “Nobody is Truly Ready for the Rising of the Seas” is rooted in another fairy tale. It’s called “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

  2. Keitho says:

    This is just so funny. I live near a small coastal town called Fish Hoek. There are photographs of the beach that are 120 years old that show no change between then and now. The railway line runs along the edge of the sea and it hasn’t been moved in over 100 years. The land is flat and runs between False Bay and the Atlantic and has never been inundated by rising sea levels or storms or tides because, well the sea level gauge shows no change in over a century.

    I know that we are supposed to believe that sea level has gone up 8 inches in the last century but that is not obvious here at Fish Hoek, or Simonstown, or Cape Town sea front. I think we are being hoodwinked by the like of McKibbon.

  3. Spawny Get says:

    I think that we could fund extra green policies via the creation of a ‘charlatan tax’. A rather steep tax, to be honest. But if sacrifices must be made to save the world, then these greenies need to be making them. Either via all their cash (it’s to save the world, they can hardly complain, can they?), or pre-mortem (likely to be peri-mortem) organ donation (because that’s the right thing to do as well).

    We need to start tar and feathering these frauds and/or incompetents pour encourager les autres

  4. philjourdan says:

    The California coast is rising faster than the sea right now. The above picture is AFTER the big one where half of California breaks off and sinks into the ocean. But of course AGW causes earthquakes now.

  5. DirkH says:

    “‘Nobody Is Truly Ready’ For Rise of Seas”

    Nonsense. Bring it on. I’m at a comfortable 177 meters above sea level. That should do for a while.

    I’ll start panicking when the marketplace 20 m below where I am starts getting wet.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The main Dutch airport at Schiphol is 3 metres below sea level, yet seems to work quite well without submersible planes.

    I wonder how they can do it. Its a mystery.

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