Happy Halloween!!!

No, I’m not one who recoils at the notion of a day to scare people.  While Halloween has taken to a pagan or Satanist meaning today, there is a history as to why.  I won’t write about it, rather, I would ask the readers to chime in on their thoughts on the Halloween event. 

In the mean time, enjoy some music ……


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10 Responses to Happy Halloween!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    it’s all about getting bags of Snickers….two for one!

  2. Jim Masterson says:

    Trick or treat!


  3. kim2ooo says:

    HEY! Get out of my pillow case! 🙂

    My friend and I , went as Typhoon Mary and Ebola Kaci.

  4. HankH says:

    It is said that that contrary to the old celebration of Hallowed Eve, the holiday traces its origin back to the much older pre-Christian roots of the Celtic celebration of Samhain. It was celebrated from sunset on 31 October to sunset on 1 November.

    It was a time in late year when animals were slaughtered for winter sustenance (cold/ice cellars as the medium of storage). It was believed that the Aos Sí (spirits and fairies) needed to be propitiated to ensure that the people and their livestock survived the winter. Offerings of food and drink (treats possibly) were left for them. The past loved ones were also thought to revisit their homes.

    Sounds more like modern Halloween to me.

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