Wolf Continues To Imperil The Republic —– Issues A Backhanded Endorsement Of Roberts —– Steals Suyts Talking Points!!!!!

Just look at this jackass’s FB page …… and what it still contains …..


Hey, dumbass!!!!  You’re not running for Senate, anymore!!!!  That died months ago!!!!

So, Wolf has now decided to “endorse” Pat Roberts.  It’s the worse endorsement I’ve ever seen.  My bold.

My fellow patriots, in regards to the United States Senate race in Kansas…
It is no secret that President Barack Obama and Democrats like Senator Harry Reid and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi are destroying the American Dream by crushing individual liberties under the oppressive weight of their unprecedented and unconstitutional government expansion. It is also no secret that too many Republicans, including even some who call themselves conservatives, are seduced by or terrified of the Democrats and have become their enablers.
In this election, you have fought valiantly and honorably for our republic. While so many politicians descend into personal attacks, you instead joined a campaign committed against all odds to offering bold, positive solutions to America’s greatest challenges. Be proud of your efforts and now brace yourself for a greater challenge still.
America desperately needs solid constitutional conservatives in the United States Senate who will stand by the courage of their conviction, who will fearlessly stand up to Barack Obama and Harry Reid, who will offer positive solutions to America’s challenges and who can effectively communicate their ideas against a veritable storm of opposition in Washington. Whatever your opinion of Pat Roberts, his re-election to the United States Senate may be the deciding factor that dethrones Harry Reid and elevates solid constitutional conservatives like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul into positions of influence to save America from Barack Obama and so I urge you, I urge all Kansans, to set aside our differences and vote Republican in this critical Senate race on November 4th.
Be assured that if Pat Roberts is to be re-elected, I will do everything in my power to hold his feet to the fire. And be assured that the fullness of the duplicity, dishonesty and abuse of power that has marked this election will be exposed. I have refused to be intimidated by their threats or seduced by their bribes and I won’t start now. We have far more resources at our disposal today than when we began this movement and I am more energized than ever to see to it that Kansans have alternatives to failed leadership. I’m committed to reestablishing the Kansas GOP as the party of Reagan, the party of freedom and prosperity. And I’m determined to unleash an era where we secure the blessings of liberty so that all Kansans and all Americans can achieve their own American Dream
Join me in this critical fight for liberty! Sign up on our email list at miltonwolf.com and find me Twitter at @MiltonWolfMD. The Wolf Pack is ready to roar!

Hey, dumbass!!!!!  Wolves don’t “roar”!!!  They howl and yap!

Essentially, Wolf told his people to stay home.  But, he did add that if Roberts gets in the likes of Cruz, Lee, and Paul would have a larger voice. 

Now, where have I read that before?

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”  The choice is clear, we can have two more years of Harry Reid and Zero, or we can have a Senate which at least lends a voice to the likes of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and many others.  In my view, there’s no comparison.  Others may prefer Reid to these people.  Pretending they’re all the same isn’t just laziness and stupidity, it’s intellectual laziness which is worse than being either lazy or stupid.

Well, imitation is the best form of flattery, but, really?

If you scroll down on his FB page, you can see the non-endorsement/endorsement.  More and more, I’m convinced Wolf is a scumbag. 

h/t Hot Air

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17 Responses to Wolf Continues To Imperil The Republic —– Issues A Backhanded Endorsement Of Roberts —– Steals Suyts Talking Points!!!!!

  1. DirkH says:

    “Hey, dumbass!!!!! Wolves don’t “roar”!!! ”

    Die röhrenden Wölfe. Now that’s funny.

  2. James,

    I’m a bit confused here. From what I can tell, he is in complete agreement with you regarding what people should do. Granted, if in fact he used language from you, it could be frustrating — especially for someone who didn’t support him.

    It seems to me that your disagreement with him is mainly regarding the reason for voting for Roberts. You preferred Roberts from the outset, so you don’t see any need to publicly question his fitness for the office. But I think I read at Wiki. that 41% of the Republican electorate voted for Wolf. A good number of them might have a bad feeling about Roberts, and need a bit more to convince them to do what Wolf wants them to do. I’m not sure what all the issues are that Wolf supporters had against Roberts, but when I see that Levin and the American Conservative Union supported his effort, that tells me something. These folks are not idiots, nor are they fly-by-nights.


    • suyts says:

      I’ve researched and asked, and asked again of Wolf supporters, what their problem with Roberts was. From what I can tell it is the fact that he’s old. He’s served in the Senate for a long time. He lives in D.C. ….. the place where Kansans sent him to work.

      The problem with the ACU, and, to a point, Levin, is that their anti-incumbents. Roberts is an incumbent, so they have a natural propensity to oppose people such as Roberts. Being an anti-incumbent fails to recognize the contributions many of our long serving statesmen, throughout the history of the US, have given us.

      The thing is, Richard, is that I warned of this because I saw it coming, even before Wolf announced his candidacy. I warned of the folly of throwing out the baby with the bath water. I appealed to various people to make sure the resources they were expending went to the proper places. But, the problem is and was that constitutional conservatism only resonates in places where people already agree with constitutional conservatism. So, people like Wolf and the guy in Kentucky, and other places, as well, they gained a certain amount of traction in these places. So, the ACU and Levin picked up with the people who were gaining traction. But, the problem with the Repub party doesn’t lay with people like Roberts, or even McConnell. It lays with people like McCain, Graham, and Collins. There’s little or nothing to gain by spending our resources in this manner. Heritage has Roberts pegged as the 3rd most conservative senator. He’s backed by the NRA and the Right-To-Life groups. So, we spend a fortune trying to supplant Roberts? We cost Roberts a fortune defending himself against the TEA party people. And, now …. well this is where we’re at. If Wolf had been successful against Roberts, would Kansas be in any different situation? Nope. If Wolf had would have been successful in gaining the Senate seat would conservatives be any better off in the US government? Nope. Or, only marginal so. In the mean time, there’s no money to oppose Al Franken in Minn …. the home of a successful Repub Governor, with presidential aspirations.

      Because of this effort, and the continuing bashing of Roberts, we have an opportunity of a two-fer! We stand a good chance of losing a given Repub seat, and no chance of winning a very vulnerable seat …… while the balance of power hangs in DC. I abhor utter stupidity.

      I told them Roberts had no chance of losing the primary in Kansas, and McConnell had no chance of losing in Kentucky. I called a few other races, as well. But, they went all-in on these places, costing us on both sides. Now, we stand a fair chance at losing Kansas, and Georgia. I think Kentucky is going to be okay, now.

      As to what Wolf “wants them to do”. From what he wrote, I conclude he wants them to stay home. If he really wants them to turn out, and if he really feels the way he stated in his “endorsement”, then the only rational thing to do would be to say nothing at all. That “endorsement” does much more harm than good. So, he’s either abjectly stupid, or a vile person. Either way, he gets this from me.

      • My impression of Wolf’s statement is that he wants the same thing you want, and he even cited the same reasons you have cited for why his supporters should vote for Roberts.

        Had he said nothing, that would have definitely sent the opposite signal.

        As for the other points you made, what outsiders spend money on is their choice. They have a right to do that, and it doesn’t cost anyone but themselves. Unless I see some evidence that they just want him out because he’s old, I assume there’s some better reason. I noticed that he was opposed to fighting on the debt ceiling. This is not a minor issue. Could that be what’s got everyone’s dander up?


        • Also, I’ve been listening to Levin occasionally for quite a few years, probably at least eight years. And it has never been my impression that he is anti-incumbent. Recently he has taken a very dim view of some incumbents who have excessive history in Congress or the District of Criminals, but he always goes to great lengths to articulate his reasons and in my experience they are never solely based on seniority in Congress, and never at all based on age. His whole thing, going back to 1972, was supporting conservative values to the best of his ability, starting with Reagan. Do I always agree with him, certainly not! In fact there are times I have to turn him off for a little while. But on questions of strategy, I have never known him to be a dummy or someone who makes arbitrary or ill-considered choices.

        • suyts says:

          Richard, I can’t speak for Levin. I like him, but, admittedly, I don’t get to listen to him often enough. The simple fact is, though, I’ve never once heard any good argument as to why Roberts should go. Perhaps, you can ask Levin.

          That said, even bright and good guys can be mistaken from time to time. All I can say is I’ve been in Kansas for many years, now. I’ve been happy with Roberts’ time in the Senate, and I hope he gets 6 more years. You can know me by my writings and know what I advocate. We can also know if Roberts does lose, Wolf and Wolf supporters will be partially responsible. We can know if the Repubs fail to gain a majority in the Senate Wolf and Wolf supporters will be partially responsible. This would amount to a carte blanche scenario for Zero and his minions for at least the next two years. I honestly don’t know if we go beyond the point of know return if Zero is given another two years of unrestrained attacks on America, or not. I believe this is the most important election I’ll ever see, for this nation, for the world. And, we’ve people like Wolf babbling this $hit. There’s too much at stake!!

        • Reply to


          Regarding ‘babbling’ … Well, like I said, politics is a strange creature. You make a mistake by placing your faith in it as you’re doing.

          Relax. We do these things because we have to, not because they are the answer to our problems.

          Thanks for your contributions.


        • suyts says:

          Well, I’ve no faith in our politics, but, I do understand what you’re saying. Thanks.

      • suyts says:

        Sure, it’s is their prerogative to spend as they wish. Just as it is mine to call them out for their unwise spending, which harms the very thing they say they advocate.

        No, Roberts wasn’t opposed to fighting the debt ceiling increase, he thought the way others went about it was a tactical error. Yes, it could be for some of the low info voters, who are mislead by people such as Wolf. As noted by Roberts, myself, and a few million others, the rules of the Senate and the numbers of the voters in the Senate precluded a win. But, the media was happy to bash Repubs for the events ….. as we all knew they would.

        All one has to do is to look at Roberts’ advocacy and votes to realize he works to lower the deficit.

        But, the subject you bring up is one of the things which irk me about some people like Wolf and his supporters. What would they have Roberts do? What difference to they believe Wolf could make in this instance or any other? Would Wolf go about things differently? Perhaps, perhaps not. Do they advocate any thing different policy-wise? No. It’s as if they believe because Wolf is loud in Kansas, and they really, really, really want things to be different in DC, it would happen if Wolf was there, rather than Roberts. They were and still are willing to risk the Senate because …….. well, because unicorns and rainbows, and we’re mad.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t 100% agree with Roberts. I wish he was more like Cruz, but, his personal demeanor doesn’t allow for it. He’s quiet and unassuming. He votes like I would like him to about 90-95% of the time. For any one individual, that’s about as good as it gets. No senator is going to vote like any one person wishes 100% of the time, and if they did, they’d never get re-elected ….. especially if they voted like I wanted them to 100% of the time.

        Again, I advocate the same as the TEA party types. I’m a fiscal and social conservative (with libertarian leanings). I believe the Constitution should be read as it is written. So, let’s say Wolf would have voted 99% like I wished ……. what’s gained and what’s lost? What’s the cost? No one in the Wolf camp ever asked those simple questions.

        I think, all we have to do, in retrospect, is to look at what occurred and what didn’t occur in the aftermath of the primary defeat of Wolf. What would a person of good character do after such a heated contest? What would a person do if they were genuinely concerned about the balance of power in the Senate? Wait until Oct 30 to issue a non-endorsement/endorsement? Look at the verbiage Wolf is using. Look at how he’s using it. His words are my advocacy, but, that’s not what he’s conveying.

        • Sorry for the cross post. I think that I can’t really answer your question about what I would have had Roberts do differently on the debt ceiling, because I’m not familiar with what he actually did.

          And I’m not judging the character of Milton Wolf, because I’ve only spent part of today trying to understand the history based on what he has at his website right now. But I do think he’s concerned about the balance of power in the Senate. Probably more than I would be! But in any event, politics is a strange creature, and there are all kind of possible innocent explanations for the way things have gone since the primary. I have some experience with this, and I can tell you that the way you’re perceiving his words is almost certainly not the way he meant them to be perceived. For what it’s worth.


        • suyts says:

          I can tell you that the way you’re perceiving his words is almost certainly not the way he meant them to be perceived. For what it’s worth.

          That may very well be true. It it is, however, then he has no business in politics in the state of Kansas.

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