Breaking!!!!! Climate Disruption Demonstrated In Crop Productivity!!!!!!!

We’re told global warming causes climate disruption which leads to a starving planet because of storms and floods, and droughts, and other Biblical proportion bad stuff.  Of course, none of this really exists, except in the minds of the lunatics.  We show where there’s no measurable occurrence of  increasing floods and hurricanes and droughts, but, they persist. 

In the meanwhile, humanity, in spite of the efforts of the misanthropist climate crazies, continues to do what they’ve always done, progress!

So, much of the imaginary damage of global warming happened most recently.  Well, here’s the damage.


In all cases, our productivity has increased, and dramatically so.  How is this possible if we’re seeing an increase in droughts, floods, hurricanes, frogs, and whatnot?  Simply put, it isn’t possible. 

While there may be an intrepid wanderer pop by who would say something silly, like “that’s not total production”, or something which implies less ground is being used, thus less total crops produced, or something stupid like “but, that doesn’t keep up with the population increases”, let me assure the readers, total per capita crop production has increased dramatically. 

From a post I did last year …….


The source is the same, FAOSTAT.

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3 Responses to Breaking!!!!! Climate Disruption Demonstrated In Crop Productivity!!!!!!!

  1. DirkH says:

    Just yesterday I read an alarming article on Der Spiegel saying, an area of arable land the size of France has worldwide fallen out of use due to saltification in the last 3 decades.

    Which I don’t doubt;but it’s so telling that our highly paid system journalists never mention the total and per acre increases in harvests and yields. It’s such a despicable bunch of liars.

  2. Latitude says:

    democrats are now threatening democrats with…….well something

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