Said The Man Who Has Shifted His Position 3 Times In 3 Years ……. Zero Tries To Revive Debunked Leftard Meme


I thought this was hilarious. 

So, Zero chimed in on the recent supreme court decision to reject gay-marriage appeals from 5 states. (Which is not what this post is about.) 

HuffPo and the New Yorker had this …..

Obama: ‘I Think The Equal Protection Clause Does Guarantee Same-Sex Marriage’ In All States

President Barack Obama seems to have changed his tune on gay marriage, telling The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin he believes same-sex couples in all 50 states should be allowed to marry under the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

Obama first publicly backed gay marriage in May 2012, but noted he thought the issue should be left to the states. Speaking with Toobin for the Oct. 27 issue of The New Yorker, Obama said the best Supreme Court decision since he took office was the recent rejection of gay marriage appeals from five states, a move the president said is “a consequential and powerful signal of the changes that have taken place in society and that the law is having to catch up.”

While Obama said the high court “was not quite ready” to “indicate an equal-protection right across the board,” he personally believes same-sex marriage is protected under that clause. From The New Yorker:

Obama opposed marriage equality until May of 2012. He told me that he now believes the Constitution requires all states to allow same-sex marriage, an argument that his Administration has not yet made before the Supreme Court. “Ultimately, I think the Equal Protection Clause does guarantee same-sex marriage in all fifty states,” he said ……..

…… “The bulk of my nominees, twenty years ago or even ten years ago, would have been considered very much centrists, well within the mainstream of American jurisprudence, not particularly fire-breathing or ideologically driven,” Obama went on. “So the fact that now Democratic appointees and Republican appointees tend to vote differently on issues really has more to do with the shift in the Republican Party and in the nature of Republican-appointed jurists … Democrats haven’t moved from where they were.”

Oddly, neither Huff-n-Puff, nor the New Yorker noted the complete shift Zero himself has had on this subject in just three years!  In fact, the New Yorker doubles down on stupid by saying writing this …..

This is how Obama has attempted to define his Presidency—as an exemplar of common sense set against the extremism of the contemporary Republican Party. He has had the same mixed success in making this argument for his judges as he has had on most other issues during the past six years.

Dims haven’t moved?  Except when they did. 

Does anyone believe this crap anymore?  The left can’t pretend it’s moving further and further to the left.  Repubs have moved to the left considerably in recent years but, the movement can’t keep up with the left’s extreme movements.  Gay marriage isn’t the only example.  It wasn’t a decade ago the various worker unions opposed unfettered immigration and work visas.  Now, they’re all for it!  “Wealth redistribution” used to be dirty words.  Now, team Zero vocally aspire to the words!  LSM used to pretend they were unbiased, now they say everyone is biased.  (Which admits they are the propaganda arm of the leftist movement.)  Rape used to be rape, but, now, a female leftist TV host can say “it wasn’t rape-rape”.  And, she keeps her job!!!!!  A Christian athlete is blackballed from the NFL and no one says ‘boo’.  Leftists now brag about how they’re trying to deprive the US of energy necessary for our economic growth.  Heck, many leftists now advocate economic stagnation for the US!  And, now, the presidential idiot, who has changed his position on gay marriage 3 times in 3 years, while on the subject, tells the world it is the Repubs who have moved.   

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7 Responses to Said The Man Who Has Shifted His Position 3 Times In 3 Years ……. Zero Tries To Revive Debunked Leftard Meme

  1. Latitude says:

    spot on, again!
    At least you have to give the democrats credit for sticking together in their lies….

    Which is the problem I see with republicans….they are so divided

    As far as gay marriage….I’m pissed at their ignorance in calling it ‘marriage’…..if they had gone for something like civil union it would be off the plate already…taking away as many of the democrat talking points as we can

    • suyts says:

      The gay “marriage” thing was less about gays marrying, and more about attacking Christianity. As you said, no one really cared about a civil union. They just wanted to take away the religiosity of a marriage ceremony, and try and force homosexuality to be accepted by the churches.

  2. Lars P. says:

    Cool picture of a monster sunspot 🙂

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