Sigh …… Yes, But, No ….. This Isn’t The Way ….. Kansas, Again, This Time With Townhall


Make no mistake, Brownback is my guy.  I’ll pull the lever for him each and every time, regardless of the office he’s running for.  But, team Brownback, and now Townhall are going about things the wrong way.  Yes, we’re moral conservatives here, and, we’re Bible thumpers.  But, we’re not as naive as some obviously believe.

Townhall has this …..

Strip Club Controversy in Kansas Gov. Race Could Help Trailing GOP Incumbent

In the past thirteen presidential elections, the state of Kansas has given all of its electoral votes to the Republican nominee. The state’s House of Representatives is comprised of a GOP super-majority at 73.6 percent and both U.S. Senators are red. So why is the incumbent GOP governor, Sam Brownback, behind in the polls? 

During Brownback’s first term, he supported substantial tax reform that reduced the top income tax rate by 25 percent, lowered the state sales tax, and did away with a tax on small business income. Though many liberal opponents disagreed with his approach, the advocacy group, Americans for Tax Reform praised Governor Brownback and said that the “tax cuts are working.”

This August, Standard & Poor downgraded the state’s credit rating from an AA+ to AA citing the controversial tax overhaul. The decrease in state income did not help the budget’s bottom line leaving uneven income and outcome numbers to blame for the credit downgrade.

Kansas Democrats have anchored their campaign in what they believe is failed tax reform and have cornered Brownback for his small government, low taxes platform. According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, Gov. Sam Brownback is down 4 points against Democratic candidate, Paul Davis who has been running a spotless campaign thus far.

And now, finally, Governor Sam Brownback has something to hoot and holler about.

The Kansas City Star reported:

After weeks of giving Republican Gov. Sam Brownback a strong challenge in GOP-leaning Kansas, his Democratic opponent is on the defensive over disclosures that he was inside a strip club during a 1998 meth raid and an officer reported finding him in a dark back room with a nearly naked woman.

Democrat Paul Davis was 26 and single, a young attorney in a firm representing the owner of the club near Coffeyville in southeast Kansas. The owner spent six years in federal prison after the raid, but Davis was not arrested.

Now the deeply conservative voters of Kansas will have to decide: Do moral convictions outweigh controversial tax reform? Are they okay with a gubernatorial candidate caught with a stripper during a meth raid? I think conservatives could go either way on this issue, but one thing is for sure: Governor Brownback’s attack ad with a guy getting a lap dance will be easy for voters to understand and possibly turn their stomachs.

Weird, I might have met Davis.  In 1998, I visited said strip club.  Let me affirm, almost all of the women there were “nearly” naked.  It’s a strange dynamic of a “strip” club.  I know the guy who went to prison …. he’s an a$$hole.  He’s out now pretending to be a restaurateur, failing, but, still pretending.  Turns out, stupid runs deep with him. 

But, this isn’t the way.  Look at how Townhall framed the question. ……   Do moral convictions outweigh controversial tax reform? 

Don’t ever do that, again!!!!!!! 

First of all, beyond any other question, tax reform is a moral conviction!!!!  There’s nothing moral about people being able to vote your earned money to themselves and the people they care about.

Secondly, yes, we’re a bit prudish in Kansas.  But, not so prudish as to not allow strip clubs.  A single man, in his twenties, in a strip club getting a lap dance?  Oh noes!!!!!!!  As far as the meth bust, I had no knowledge meth was being peddled there, and there would be no expectation Davis knew, either. 

This is a none-starter, fixing to backfire, tactic. 

The reason why Brownback and Roberts are down in the polls is because there’s a huge anti-incumbent thought among the American people.  This is how Dims get elected in Kansas from time to time. 

Okay, my brother took exception to the last post in which I mentioned the TEA party people, which I count myself as one, in spirit.  So, I won’t bag on them this time.  I will say, though, in general, I agree with the anti-incumbent thought.  However, one must be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water.  Words mean things and people are swayed by words.

But, then, there’s this side of the conversation.  Conservatives, are, or, rather, should be, contemplative.  This is part of the definition of the word!  Think!!!!!  But, if we’ve thought, then we ought to be able to present the argument in the arena of ideas!!!

Yes, it’s easy for a conservative to win an election in Kansas.  But, not when there’s an anti-incumbent movement sweeping the nation, and especially when there are other anti-incumbent people in conservative places, such as Kansas. 

To the people of Brownback and Roberts, and to specifically Brownback and Roberts ……. you guys are going to have to do the work of presenting your argument.  If you care about us, the people of Kansas, you will. 

I would be happy to offer my services for free towards such an argument.  Indeed, all one has to do is to read the archives of this blog and the argument is already there!  People, humbly, such as myself, has already done the heavy lifting.  It is incumbent upon the people running to do the rest of the work!  Come on!!!!  Damnitt!!!!!

And as to Townhall, ……. no.  No one is going to care.  I treated myself to going to a revival with my mother Saturday.  I’m a conservative Christian.  I’m older than 50.  I don’t care that Davis was at that strip club in 1998.  This isn’t going to help, and if it’s overplayed, it’s going to hurt. 

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6 Responses to Sigh …… Yes, But, No ….. This Isn’t The Way ….. Kansas, Again, This Time With Townhall

  1. Latitude says:

    I’m not keeping up any more…..I’m just going R right down the list

    In the mean time…what’s up with all these naked people lately?….what drug are they taking that’s doing this?

    • suyts says:

      Typically, in this sort of behavior, the person is having a psychotic break from something akin to LSD, or perhaps PCP. That isn’t to say a person can’t be simply having a schizophrenic episode without drug inducement which causes them to have such delusions as that they are Christ, or some other great persona.

      That would be the old school answer from which I learned from my dad. He would practice his talks in front of an audience …. us kids, when he was the most senior instructor at the military’s Behavioral Science Academy.

      My dad related the story about how he and a co-worker were treating 3 people who believed they were God. Dad being the reality therapist he was, thought it would be instructive for these people to engage one another. The three couldn’t possibly be God all at the same time, right? Well, almost. They emerged from the confrontation as one being God the Father, the other being Jesus, and the other being Moses.

      It is instructive. Crazies can and will compromise, as long as they can continue being crazy.

  2. cdquarles says:

    James, a question. Since the rate change, has the nominal dollar tax receipt total gone up or down? If it has gone up, why is anyone fussing about that? More revenue from the lower rate means that your economy is healthy. Isn’t that in everyone’s best interest? What, you mean they didn’t get the projected amount? Too bad. Live within your receipts and don’t expect a raise just from living another year. Earn that raise.

    • suyts says:

      Cd, I have to thank you. I looked previously, to answer your question, which is the obvious question. It’s not easily found. Why? I’ve no idea. Even when you find the place which gives the answer to to obvious question, it’s not easily found.

      But, you asked, and, I should be able to provide the answer to such a simple question. So, I started the quest, anew. Lo and behold, eureka! Finally!!!!

      Don’t try to Google it, it didn’t come up for me. I won’t bother with the embed html stuff, here’s the link….. answers to your question is on pg 21 and 27.

      And, yes, both individual income tax, and corporate income tax revenue has increased. Corporate, significantly … pg 27.

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