NFL Sunday!!! Week Three!

What I like about week three is by the end of the playing, one can finally gain a picture of who is and who isn’t any good this year.  Well, I’ll continue to muddle through ……..



(1-1-0) Chargers


(2-0-0) Bills  The Bills are off to a good start, trying to make it a fantastic start.  And, I think they will.  My feelings are that the Chargers aren’t very good this year. 



(1-1-0) Cowboys  While the Cowboys struggled in their first game, they looked pretty crisp in their last one.  The Rams?  Well, they’re suppose to have a bunch of QB sacking specialists on their front D-line, but, they’ve only registered one sack.  Look for Murray to have another big day running the ball for Dallas.

(1-1-0) Rams



(1-1-0) Redskins

(2-0-0) Eagles  I think the Eagles are the team to beat in this division. 



(2-0-0) Texans  The Giants simply don’t look very good this year, and the Texans seem to be as strong as they were last year. 

(0-2-0) Giants



(1-1-0) Vikings

(0-2-0)Saints  Okay, my upset pick of the day.  The Saints look pretty awful this year, but, the Vikings, without Peterson, seem pretty mediocre.  So, if the Saints are going to do anything this year, now’s the time to grab a win.



(1-1-0) Titans

(2-0-0) Bengals  The Titans looked pretty good against KC in the opener, and, pretty awful against the ‘Boys in the next one.  The Bengals, OTOH, seem ready to vie for a division title.



(1-1-0) Ravens  I don’t think the Ravens are all that good this year, and I don’t think the Browns are too terrible.  That said, a losing habit is hard to break.  So, I’m going with the Ravens.

(1-1-0) Browns



(1-1-0) Packers

(1-1-0) Lions  This promises to be a good game to watch!  This seems to be a game where the pretenders become exposed and contenders move on.  Which one is which?  IDK, but, they’re playing in Detroit, where the Lions tend to play a lot better than on the road.  Reggie Bush decided to chime in on the child rearing fiasco of Peterson …… he left the wrong impression with the people who think its their business to tell you how to raise your child.  This created quite a stir and had people demanding an investigation of Bush.  We’ll see if this effects the play, or not.



(0-2-0) Colts  Will the Colts finally get one?  Yeh, I think so.  At some point, I think the Colts will have to admit Richardson is a bust.  Bradshaw seems to off to a great start and ready to run.  I’d give him the ball and get a W on the record, but, that’s just me.

(0-2-0) Jaguars



(0-2-0) Raiders

(1-1-0) Patriots  Isn’t if funny how some teams seem to love being basement dwellers?  This should be an easy win for the Pats.



(1-1-0) 49ers  This is another game of great interest.  While much of the fans have been focused on SF/Seattle, I would note the Cardinals seem to be steadily improving.  Are they ready to play with the big boys?  Today would go a long way in serving notice.  But, I’m not ready to jump on that wagon, just yet.

(2-0-0) Cardinals



(2-0-0) Broncos

(1-1-0) Seahawks Super Bowl redux!!!!  Suddenly, the ‘Hawks look vulnerable, and the Broncs, unstoppable!  But, both teams enjoy a huge home field advantage.  I think this game will be a little more competitive than the last time they met, though.  I’m going with Seattle in this one. 



(0-2-0) Chiefs

(1-1-0) Dolphins  Can the Chiefs get on track against Miami?  Well, it depends on which Dolphin team shows up.  Wallace seems like he came into this season ready to play.  And, the addition of Moreno at RB seems to have made the Dolphins offense have a little more spark than what they’ve had in the recent past.  KC’s secondary is suspect, to say the least.   Charles is listed as questionable, but, if he really has a high ankle sprain, I would not play him. 



(1-1-0) Steelers

(2-0-0) Panthers  The Steelers looked awful in their last outing.  And the Panthers are looking pretty good.  I’m thinking this will be another rough loss for Pitt.



(1-1-0) Bears

(1-1-0) Jets  Well, I just don’t know on this one.  Both teams show promise, but, both teams clearly have some things to work on.  But, the Jets are at home, so I’m going with them, today.



 (0-3-0) Buccaneers 14


 (2-1-0) Falcons 56  The Buccs provided the Falcons with a nice practice so they could stay fresh during their extended time away from real football games. 


Well, that’s all I have for the NFL, this week ……  what do you think?

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18 Responses to NFL Sunday!!! Week Three!

  1. Jim Masterson says:

    I watched the Seahawk-Charger game last week in Anchorage. It was a pro-Seahawk bar with all Seahawk fans (all wearing the appropriate garb) but the game was very disappointing. The Seahawks didn’t show for the entire game. (My Washington Huskies almost did the same thing yesterday and failed to show up for the first half. They did show for the second half and won the game handily.)

    I expect the Seahawks will show up today, but now I’m wondering if they are as good as last year. We shall see how it goes this time. Of course, I like your pick for that game.


    • Jim Masterson says:

      Well, the Seahawks managed to pull out a victory today. It sure wasn’t as easy as the Superbowl. In any case, a victory is a victory. There’s a bye next week for the Seahawks.


    • suyts says:

      It was a fantastic game ….. everything the Super Bowl was suppose to be.

      • philjourdan says:

        I probably watched more of that game than I have any game this season (which is not a lot). I was surprised by the final score. Told a friend of mine who is a Bronco fan, that Manning is going to do it all to get his ring. After they came back to tie it, it seems I may not be joking!

        But Seattle,after blowing it, managed to pull it out. Which is what they need to do for a repeat.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    Colts may have worse problems than Richardson this year. No Robert Mathis being one.

  3. Anything is possible says:

    Go Packers!

    **** Roger Goodell!

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Just got in from a walk around the lakeshore, breakfast and now some serious Seahawk-Bronco biff. Nice morning so far!

    • Bruce of Newcastle says:

      Oh my, that was some game! How did Manning and the Broncs pull off that equalizer?? Wilson was cool as a cucumber right through. It was just great to watch. Seattle deserve the win with steely bulldog defense, but man how hard is it to stop the Broncos finding something out of nothing.

  5. philjourdan says:

    Much better. I only counted 3 losses so far. And the Raiders are learning how to lose closer games. I did manage to see their first field goal. That is about the extent of my viewing so far. Hopefully next week i can sit down and watch some games.

  6. cdquarles says:

    I can’t stand the NFL any more, so which ‘phins team showed up? Roll Tide Roll :p

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