Breitbart Behaving Like A Child …… Again …… Seems To Be Trying To Throw Senate Elections To Dims!!!!!


Damn boys, what are you doing? 

So, there’s a very tight Senate race in Colorado.  Incumbent Udall, a Dim is being challenged by a guy who used to embrace the Tea party label, but, now seems to have moved away from it.  So, Breitbart has this ….


In the story, it demonstrates Breitbart’s simplistic views on how votes go in the House. 

Sure, I would have preferred Gardner staying true to the people who brought him to the dance, but, it seems he didn’t. 

So, Breitbart would prefer to have Udall and the POTUS rubber stamp Dim Senate?

There is a time and a place for everything, now isn’t the time to start bagging on a Repub trying to win a hotly contested race.  Idiots. 

It’s as if they’re children, where is people don’t play marbles like they want them to, they’d rather take their marbles and go home. 

Grow up children, this is the real world and the adults have some work to do. 

There will never be a politician who votes 100% the way people wish them to.  So, Gardner is voting more in line with establishment Repubs.  …… let me check ….. well, yes, he did run as a Republican. 

While there’s a lot I don’t like about the establishment Repubs, they’re infinitely better than Dims who simply bow to Obama’s and Reid’s wishes. 

Breitbart, the primaries are over.  Gardner is who the Repubs of Colorado picked.  There is no other alternatives, it’s either Udall or Gardner.  Get with the program and please try to remember Reagan’s rule. 

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3 Responses to Breitbart Behaving Like A Child …… Again …… Seems To Be Trying To Throw Senate Elections To Dims!!!!!

  1. Lars P. says:

    Or, maybe you just misunderstood whom Breitbart really supports?

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