On A Cold And Stormy Night ……. Music Post!

Well, summer’s over in SE Kansas, and I haven’t seen the sun all day.  😦  It’s early this year, though I’m never ready for it to be over.  It simply tells me that winter’s coming.  I hate winters.  Give me the warm bright sunshine every day! 

I think Alaska cured me of any desire for winter.  But, I also remember some old days in a house with frozen pipes every year in Kansas.  ….. I hated that, too. 

So, sad songs come to mind, today.  Country songs would be an easy pick, but, many may not remember that pop music used to have songs just as sad.

It’s football season so ……


But, I think this one is the saddest ……

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17 Responses to On A Cold And Stormy Night ……. Music Post!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Honey is the saddest song there is.

    I remember frozen pipes growing up in Virginia. Insulation was an after thought then. The one good thing about my current house is that all pipes are inside. I am on a slab, so no crawl space.

  2. Latitude says:

    You heard that South Dakota had the earliest snowfall on record?……they are just north of you!! It’s gonna get you!…LOL

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