Ray Rice Joke!!!!



An oldie, but, apt ……

Question:  What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

Answer:  Nothing, you done told her twice!


Feel free to use that ice-breaker at parties with mixed company, but, be sure to have an exit strategy if too many women are within earshot!  🙂

I’ve mixed feelings about this. 

I’m glad the NFL has put its foot down and pretty much ended Rice’s career.  OTOH, there’s a fellow who was a teammate of Rice’s who was involved in a sordid death of another person while out partying.  He’s like a huge celebrity now. 

Sure, he was never convicted of murder, but, that’s not the standard the NFL went by for Lewis, nor for Rice.  The thing is, Lewis was on his way up, so the NFL kept him, everyone knows Rice, even if he was allowed to continue to play was on his way down, so the NFL dumped him. 

I won’t rehash the known evidence in the Lewis case.  I’ll just plainly state, it’s very clear he knew of the killing, approved of and participated in destroying evidence of the murder, which is, by definition, an accessory to murder, and skated free, became a super-rich super-star, and no one says boo.  But, play “knock-out” with a black woman …… well, that’s just a line too far.  Apparently, playing “know-out” with a black woman is just a little worse than hosting dog fights …… maybe, we’ll see.  But, people dying, in a late night fight in which you were a part of, and then destroying evidence?  Well, that’s okay. 

I don’t know, but, it seems we have our priorities just a little askew. 

So, Mr. and Mrs. Rice like to play “knock-out”.  Evidently, she does like it, because she married the bitch right after that.  Well, boxers and MM artists will take a beating for money, too.  Dog fights?  These things are a no-go.  Murder, OTOH, which ends a human life, all that that person was and would have been was taken.  Who ever he loved and whoever loved him back, well, they suffered a horrible loss which can never be rectified. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rice can, and perhaps they did, learn from it and go on, or can go their separate ways.  People kill dogs all the time.  Our cities, state, and feds do.  And, from what I’ve read about how our feds kill things like horses and other animals, dog fights don’t seem all that bad in comparison.

Don’t get me wrong.  I think Rice, Lewis, and Vick should all have been banned for life from the game.  I believe many more should have been banned for life, as well.  Like that dumbass who shot himself in the leg while trying to pull his gun in a drinking club. 

The NFL doesn’t have to accept the judgments of a legal proceeding.  If they wish to protect their brand, then they need to not only come down hard on wife beaters, but, also on the rest of the thugs, murders and drug dealers. 

For the average public, I’d like to seem them show just a little bit more equity in the outrage towards events like this and others.  For instance, things like 4 Americans murdered in the service of this nation with many unanswered questions regarding the involvement or lack of involvement of our administration …. yeh, they had a video, too.  Or, the human traffickers at our border selling women into slavery.  Punching them is one thing which isn’t to be tolerated, but, well, encouraging young girls to come here and be sold as some sickos sex slave, well, there’s a bigger picture, amirite?

We’re either going to be advocates for decency and insist on people adhering to our norms and mores of our society, or, we’re not.  Given some of the sources of the outrage over Rice’s vid and the NFL’s actions, it’s difficult to take them too seriously. 

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8 Responses to Ray Rice Joke!!!!

  1. Latitude says:


  2. Jason Calley says:

    Yes, amen on the article and the point you make. In many ways we, as a culture, are far too civilized to be uncivil. We let thugs and jerks get away with being thugs and jerks. We do not give the social shaming and the social shunning which was once common. We are far too “understanding”.

  3. philjourdan says:

    I disagree. I am not happy about this. I deplore his actions. But he broke no rules of the NFL. Their actions are capricious and arbitrary. Should they want to create such rules, I would support them. But they basically submarined him. And that is wrong. It is the same situation with the NCAA and PSU. You do not make up rules in the middle of the game, period.

    It would be no different for you to get arrested for driving down a road before it was made one way. You broke a rule before it was a rule. That is what is wrong with today’s society. It is happening all too often now. And it means that no one is safe. Even the most law abiding citizen can be arrested for breaking a law before it is a law.

    • suyts says:

      Phil, I think you missed the entire point of my post.

      Further, I believe the league and each team has a “morality” clause in every contract signed by all parties. It has long been demonstrated that the NFL can and will arbitrarily enforce the morality clause. What is wrong is the inequity of the enforcement. And, so, yes, by the items I posted, Rice’s moral misstep seems to be less than Lewis’, but more than Vick’s doggy fighting stuff. Paul Hornung (that’s not the way I used to spell his name) was suspended for a year for betting (initially indefinitely) on his own team.

      • philjourdan says:

        So was Pete Rose – and banned from the hall of fame. Which again is stupid. What he did may have been illegal and wrong to get the ban, but what he did on the field is the reason he should be in the Hall (and I cannot stand the cretin since he spiked Bud Harrelson in the 73 NLCS).

        But with Rice it is the same way. If he is an habitual wife beater, then the morals clause should be invoked, after it has been demonstrated to be the case! However that is not the reason for his ban. it is a clear case (albeit with a less than poster boy victim) of mob rule. Nothing more.

        I did not miss the point. I just do not agree with it.

        And for the record, I am not a Raven’s fan (I do not hate them, I just do not root for them).

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