So, How Did Your Neighborhood Come Out As The ICE Released Convicted Homicide Related Illegal Aliens Across The Country?

Well, team Zero has been releasing illegals into our neighborhoods, trying to pretend we don’t really have laws against having illegal aliens in our nation, for some time, now.

But, they reached a new low when they released 193 murdering illegal aliens into our neighborhoods.

They provided Sen. Grassley with the zip codes of 169 of the murders released because he’s making some noise about this crime against America. 

Evidently, our ICE believes California and Florida don’t have enough home grown murders, so they decided to import some to those states, as well as many other states across the nation.  Miami won the ICE sweepstakes.  

I got the map from here ……

A Town Near You? ICE Reveals Locations of Convicted Murderers It Freed

If the map doesn’t work on this blog, by all means, check it out at the link.  And, read the article, if you can stomach how your government is betraying you. 

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12 Responses to So, How Did Your Neighborhood Come Out As The ICE Released Convicted Homicide Related Illegal Aliens Across The Country?

  1. jimash1 says:

    It looks like New York and Pa. got em all in this region.
    But don’t fret, New jersey has plenty of undocumented violent criminals.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    Damn, Flag didn’t get any of the released ones. But, on the bright side, we may have plenty of the ones never caught.

  3. philjourdan says:

    One Nun dead, 2 critical, 3 teens run over. Guess they were not the sons Obama wanted.

  4. Latitude says:

    well……I guess they thought they would just blend in with all the illegals we have done here already
    I see they put a few out in the Everglades too!

  5. Latitude says:

    Miami schools flooded with 1,400 new immigrants from Central America

  6. cdquarles says:

    Oh, that reminds me. Does anyone besides me remember the Mariel Boat People? There were a number of them housed in the BOP facility, which had recently been built, in Talladega. See this from wiki:

  7. DirkH says:

    BTW Re Ukraine:

    Just so you know – German state media WDR use photos of tanks of Russian exercises from 2008 , subtitle it with “Russische Kampfpanzer fahren am 19.08.2014 noch unter Beobachtung von Medienvertretern in der Ukraine“ (Russian tanks drive on 08/19/2014 under media observation in Ukraine), and think they can get away with it.

    The German state media are now forging news to help the NATO war effort.

    German blog that discovered it.

    • DirkH says:

      …German HuffPo then used the same photo (correction, it’s from 2009, not 2008), and had a screaming headline “They have destroyed nearly every house” above it.
      We are of course not surprised about HuffPo being a NATO propaganda outlet.

    • suyts says:

      True ……. OTOH, it’s being reported that Putin just agreed to a cease fire.

      • DirkH says:

        Sigh. Russian Army is not shooting. Ukrainian separatists are fighting. So Russia cannot agree a ceasefire. This is another lie from Prochenko from Kiev. He has been phantasizing for weeks now to deliver fodder for NATO media. “Kiev reports there’s an invasion” “Kiev reports this, reports that”. This is all orchestrated so the NATO media journalist scum can say, uh, we just reported what the Ukrainian government told us.

        Here’s a handy checklist with which you can tell when the Russian army REALLY invades.

        I mean, you’re American. You know how invasions work when a superpower rolls all over a failed state.

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