Global Warming Alert!!!! Snow Extent In August More Than It Was In 1984!!!!

Hmm …… who to believe?  People who try to measure something which is actually measurable vs the people who invented a metric and then just made up a bunch of crap when their invented metric didn’t tell them what they wanted?

Here’s the last 30 years of the Northern Hemisphere’s snow extent, starting in August, 1984.


Now mind you, this is snow extent, that is to say, the area in which snow is sticking on the ground.  Source.

I started it in August of 1984 because the graph ends with August 2014’s snow extent, which is more than 1984’s.  It’s amazing that global warming can’t seem to manage to melt any snow in the northern hemisphere.  It’s that weird sort of warming.

Here’s a plot of HadCrut’s Northern Hemisphere temp anomaly, starting at August, 1984.   


Weird!  And I always thought snow melting or staying on the ground was directly related to the surface temperature! 

Source is WFT.

In the meantime, I thought I’d do something fun.  I wanted to see if August’s snow extent correlated with our Arctic ice extent.

Graphing the two with their current extent wasn’t very informative.  And, it isn’t really correct to simply go by a graph ….. but, I was doing something fun, not trying to bog myself down with a lot of work.  To bring the graphs visually closer, I simply multiplied the snow extent by 2.  Let’s see what we got!



Interesting, but, only just interesting.  It tells us something we all already knew. 

We could get really heavy into the maths and do some formulas which could give us some metrics to determine how closely related they are and if there’s some meaning to the relationship. 

But, we already know they’re related, but, the snow extent isn’t subject to one of the larger factors in determining ice extent, the ocean currents.  That is, snow isn’t subject to the ocean currents in the manner the ice is.  The ice and snow share factors like precipitation, wind, and surface temps, so, they would have similarities, especially during August, when their proximity is the closest to one another.  IDK, someone remind me to do this again, next January. 

Or, maybe I’ll take a look at how it does in Septembers.

The ice source is JAXA, where I averaged the daily values for the months of August.   

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2 Responses to Global Warming Alert!!!! Snow Extent In August More Than It Was In 1984!!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    A few days ago, Steven showed where Arctic ice had increased 64% in just 2 years! Extrapolating it out, the next ice age should be here by 2020. (sooner if we use the Mannian method).

    Now you are saying it is just more of the same!


  2. DirkH says:

    It is the Biblical duty of the US to protect Muslim nations from Global Warming, says Talking Horse.

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