Open Thread NFL Fantasy Picking!!!


Okay, so, I won’t be posting for a few minutes.  I’m in this weird fantasy football thingy.  We’re drafting in 3 minutes. 

The pic is of Jason Whitten, who is, in my estimation, the best tight end who ever laced his cleats.  He’s not just a receiver, he’s not just a blocking tight end, he’s both, an he does both very well.  He’s big, but, his speed is deceptive.  And, he’s tough.

Unfortunately, his value in the fantasy league isn’t so much.   Why?  Because he’s a tight end.  But, if I had a choice, in real football, my team would have nothing but Jason Whitten’s.  We’d win every game.  

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3 Responses to Open Thread NFL Fantasy Picking!!!

  1. DirkH says:

    Apr 2014: Container ship tries to sink Hong Kong.

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