Understanding The Divergence Problem

So, I went to see if I could get any ideas about a climate post, to write. I think I don’t have to …. Steve nails it!!!!

Real Science

An amazing story of scientific fraud. Probably the biggest scientific fraud in history.

As of 1975, both the instrumental and the tree ring data showed sharp cooling from 1940 to 1970

1975 National Academy of Sciences Surface Temperatures
ScreenHunter_166 Mar. 02 23.33
Briffa’s Trees – Showing Post-1950 Divergence From Recent Versions Of Surface Temperatures

The next graph overlays Briffa’s trees on the 1975 National Academy of Sciences graph. There was almost a perfect match, with no divergence.

ScreenHunter_168 Mar. 02 23.38

NOAA radiosonde data from the 1950’s through the 1970’s also showed sharp cooling and no divergence from Briffa’s trees.

ScreenHunter_1484 Jul. 31 23.41

The New York Times reported a unanimous consensus of scientists for global cooling

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10 Responses to Understanding The Divergence Problem

  1. Me says:

    Yeah, I was just there, and saw it, I liked his (un) Natural History story he had there too.

  2. HankH says:

    Steve has a knack for bringing historical perspective to the discussion. History is one thing alarmists have no command of and can’t be bothered with because it undermines their beliefs.

  3. Thank you for the link

  4. philjourdan says:

    GIGO – that is the main reason their models do not work now.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I love Steve’s post on this topic today.

    There is low correlation between raw temperatures and CO2. But the correlation between temperature adjustments and CO2 is 0.99.

    Heh. Not so much a smoking gun as a treeless radioactive blast zone.

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