Only Leftards Could Mistake This Graphic …… And, A Future Conservative In The Making!!!!!

So, Twitchy has this, tonight ……

Well, I’ll start where the leftards started.  From MediaMatters

Dishonest Fox News Chart: Obama Approval Rating Edition

A Fox News segment displayed a misleading chart based on a poll that appeared to show 110 percent of Americans disapproved of President Obama’s job performance.

On the July 30 edition of Special Report, the following chart was shown during a report by Fox News political correspondent Carl Cameron on Obama’s popularity in the “twelve states most likely to decide Senate control”:


Now, to most rational humans, people would understand this is a graphic of a set and then a subset.  That is to say, of the 60% who disapprove Zero, 50% strongly disapprove. 

But, leftards don’t understand such complexities, and thought Fox was trying to be dishonest and show that 110% of the polled disapprove of Zero.  No, really ….

Without showing the number of likely voters who approve of Obama’s job performance, viewers are left with the impression that more than 100 percent of respondents disapprove of the president’s job performance. Watch:

There’s even a vid at the link, which, again, for rational people, they’d understand this.  MM even provides a stacked graph to show this, which was picked up by another leftard!!!!

Brian Stelter ✔ @brianstelter


Classically bad Fox graphic tonight, caught by @mmfa. 110% disapproval of Obama? (Real poll: )


The circled being exactly what Fox was showing, of course. 

Apparently, the lunatics seemed to think Fox should have shown the paltry numbers of the people who approve of Zero’s performance……… why?  I don’t know.  But, leftards are really stupid people, so, it’s hard for rational people to understand their stupidity. 

Oddly, it seems an avowed leftard set people straight on this ……

Rebecca Schoenkopf @commiegirl1


I am disappoint, @mmfa. You know ‘strongly disapprove’ is a subset of disapprove. Be better, leave specious accusations to them.

7:29 PM – 30 Jul 2014

Challenged, she states the bleeding obvious ……

Bob Schooley @Rschooley

@commiegirl1 Yes, but it’s not presented here as a subset. Was there another slide that showed the “approve/strongly approve” in same way?


Rebecca Schoenkopf @commiegirl1


it wouldn’t be much better for O to show the 22 percent who strongly approve out of the 40 who approve @Rschooley

7:37 PM – 30 Jul 2014

When the person questioned the “fairness” of the graphic …

Rebecca Schoenkopf @commiegirl1


it’s already fair. they presented the fact (as of this poll). they didn’t juice a graph or anything. @Rschooley

7:39 PM – 30 Jul 2014

And, then another, admits, after watching the Fox clip, commiegirl1 is correct.  She responds ….

Rebecca Schoenkopf @commiegirl1


@evanrobertsonDC look at you doing your due diligence! you’re a better man than I am. I’m listening to Marvin Gaye instead 😀

7:48 PM – 30 Jul 2014

So, Rebecca, in spite of the moniker “commiegirl1”, has some moral compunction.  She also commands at least a rudimentary understanding of graphs and numbers and math and such!!!  And, she’s encouraging fellow citizens to do their due diligence and go look for themselves.  She also has a bit of a subtle bite in her humor. 

Mercy, mercy, me, indeed!  Here, we get to see a conservative/libertarian/classic liberal in the making!  Had I the time, I’d follow her just to chronicle the enlightenment ….. and maybe hurry it along. 

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15 Responses to Only Leftards Could Mistake This Graphic …… And, A Future Conservative In The Making!!!!!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    Naw, the defense of Fox probably only came from Obama not being communist enough.

  2. philjourdan says:

    She was a plant. Everyone knows that “math r hard if you liberal”

  3. DirkH says:

    I think Rebecca Schoenkopf @commiegirl1 is a Tea Party U boot; not a libtard; much like commenters who call themselves “Rational Republican” or something often turn out to post concern-trollish leftarded BS.

  4. Jason Calley says:

    Which proves once again, that life is hard for people who cannot do math — and even harder for stupid people who cannot do math.

    (Please note that the second group is a subset of the first.)


  5. squid2112 says:

    OMG! … So stupid it hurts … WOW!

    Everytime I think I have seen the dumbest on the planet, some stupid leftard lowers the bar even further. Holy crap!

  6. Scott says:

    Yes, “strongly disapprove” is a subset of “approve”, but in this case 50% of the general population strongly disapprove, not 50% of the 60%. When you said “50% of the 60%”, that sounds like 30% of the overall. Of course, you could say “83% of the 60%”, but that would fly over so many people’s heads…


    • DirkH says:

      We are leftards and we demand simple explanations!

    • suyts says:

      Ackk!!! You’re right Scott!!! It was poorly worded. Worse, I thought about it, but, then was interrupted and forgot to be clearer!

      But, this proves the point. You, and everyone else knows and understands what is being stated. Only leftards would be confused by this. You probably sent them into orbit with your “83%”. 😀

      • Me says:

        What would really sent them into orbit is the 40% that approved to be added to that 60% for the total, plus the 50% that they are drooling over like the pavlov’s dog they act like. And then to add to that the 22% of the 37% of what wasn’t really 40%, because 3% really didn’t give a crap about the poll, woll make their heads explode. LMAO!

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I am encouraged that some lefties, at least, can do addition. I am discouraged, though, that they do not understand statistics.

    OTOH since it was simple multiples of ten, maybe they counted up the tens using their fingers.

  8. DirkH says:

    Faithful NATO ally Turkey sides with Iraqi Kurdistan, loading Kurdish oil on a SUEZMAX tanker for an ANONYMOUS buyer…
    …now what billion people nation might be that anonymous buyer that you can reach via the Suez channel…
    (and the Kurds just do their own thing; just ignoring Baghdad. That’s a de facto recognition of Kurdistan by Turkey. For the moment. Guess Turkey fears some Langley/ISIS action on her territory. So, makes new deals with saner folks.)

    • Bruce of Newcastle says:

      Unfortunately the Shiite govt in Iraq is monstering all the buyers. There’re are at least two tankers sailing around looking for a place to unload. One is off Texas and the other off Morocco IIRC.

      The Kurds had to stop loading more tankers and shut down the pipeline yesterday since all the storage tanks were full.

      If I were the Kurds I’d be talking nicely with the Chinese. But since both Iran and Iraq are countries China would want to relate with, it may be the Chinese will side with them not the Kurds.

    • suyts says:

      It’s maddening. The only semi-sensible group is trying to export a good which everyone wants, but, can’t because …… ????

  9. Me says:

    Now you don’t have to wonder anymore where the 97% came from! 😆

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